Boating is a lifestyle that presents colorful sunrises, sailing through the refreshing breeze and sharing experiences with fellow charismatic boaters. Off into the distance, boaters can view wildlife and endless blue skies while sitting on the back deck, out in the open waters.

Following a full day of boating, returning to a waterfront home in Bay Head Harbor, New Jersey, is the greatest thing to trail. Relaxing and enjoying life both on and off the water, these homeowners live the ultimate lifestyle.

This craftsmen style home has a large open patio with unlimited outdoor amenities such as a kidney shaped in-ground pool and massive outdoor kitchen. With attention to the outdoor living room, a custom pergola defines a new dwelling to unwind after a long day at sea.

Beautifully decorated with layered stones around the post bases, the structure required overhead functionality. Desiring the ability to comfortably enjoy the outdoor space rain or shine, ShadeFX customized a 12’ x 12’ retractable roof in a sandy beige fabric. ShadeFX’s service team travelled to the idyllically located home and installed the custom roof and gutters.

The homeowners chose the Ferrari Fabric line, a fire retardant and waterproof material to comply with the gas fireplace below. The motorized retractable roof operates effortlessly using a Somfy motor.

Nowadays, the homeowners spend their whole summer outdoors. Whether it be on the boat, laying pool side, or hanging out in the outdoor living room, the only need to go indoors is when winter arrives.

Ready to live outdoors all summer long? Add a retractable roof to your pergola. Contact us today.