King City, a small town north of Toronto, is hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Residents here seem to approach life with a much more relaxed attitude and pace, very much unlike their Toronto counterparts. Perhaps an even bigger difference between the two cities is the importance of a ‘stay-cation’, a sentiment that couldn’t be truer than at this King City home.

Backing up onto a small piece of Canadian paradise, this home had the perfect amount of space to build a lavish outdoor patio with two wooden pergolas, one designated for entertaining, and the other for cooking and dining.

Turning these ideas into a reality was Pro-Land Landscape Construction. As experts in their respective field, we looked forward to being enlisted for this design, and couldn’t wait to add that extra bit of comfort to their design.

By installing a 14×14 retractable roof and a 10×10 curtain, we were able to give homeowners ultimate protection from the elements, as well as a sense of outdoor privacy. To maintain the integrity of this design, we also used the same fabric, Harbor Time Putty, for both the retractable roof and the privacy curtain.

Upon completion, our King City homeowner wasted no time firing up the barbeque, grabbing a cold drink from the cooler, and putting up their feet. Seems like every day in King City is going to be a good day.