Outdoor Rooms with Indoor Feels

When it comes to outdoor living, homeowners want their space to be as cozy as it would be indoors. The outdoor area should feel like an extension of the indoor living space, designing it to be just as eye-catching, engaging, and welcoming as the inside.

Different elements can help create that indoor feel. Today, these options are readily available through online retailers, many furniture stores, and maybe even at a local garage sale. Significant features such as choosing non-plastic furniture, adding a retractable cover, and the right décor will entice you and your guests to your outdoor space.

With a little indoor inspiration, your alfresco living space will come together perfectly, amplifying your indoor-outdoor lifestyle. Here are 6 amazing spaces that will make you forget that you’re hanging outdoors.

HGTV Vacation House Rules

HGTV Vacation House Rules

Featured on HGTV’s Scott’s Vacation House Rules, this deck space uses the right elements to create an outdoor-indoor feel. Using a consistent colour scheme and furniture throughout, the seating area is an intimate and relaxing space. The trendy sectional transforms the space into a welcoming one.

The addition of potted plants strategically placed around the deck fulfills decorative functions that complete any interior with their lively ways, doing the same to exterior spaces.

Finishing the outdoor space are two multicoloured striped retractable shades, tying the outdoor space together. 

Retractable Shades, Scarborough

Retractable Shades, Scarborough

Using elements typically found indoors can create the perfect space to cozy up to. This main outdoor living space includes a fireplace, and two armchairs and loveseats that surround the coffee table for late-night conversations. Soft furnishings and the right lighting create the perfect ambiance for storytelling and for catching up with friends. To truly create an indoor feeling, roll-down screens are added for extra privacy and that intimate feel.

Retractable Roof, Huntington Beach

Retractable Roof in Huntington Beach

Some living spaces are where most action surrounding sports take place, and an outdoor TV can move this excitement to the open air. Catching the game while enjoying the fresh breeze is the perfect way to spend the evening with friends and family.

When ready for action, the TV extends from the glowing outdoor fireplace. With an open-air concept, the homeowners can provide adequate coverage for the indoor/outdoor living space. When needed, the motorized retractable roof provides coverage when the weather turns, allowing the spectators to continue watching the game uninterrupted.

Retractable Shade, Chicago

Retractable Shade, Chicago

This internal courtyard-like deck in Chicago is the essence of outdoor living with indoor feels. With the entire space echoing the main floor, you really won’t know whether you’re indoors or out. The decorative walls cordon off the space acting like walls, and the retractable canopy covers the entire area resembling a roof. Until the shade is retracted, you’ll think you were indoors the whole time!

Placing indoor elements into the outdoor space such as hanging light fixtures, modern white seating and delicate plants help blur the lines between indoors and outdoors.

Retractable Awnings, West Islip

Retractable Awning, West Islip

The right décor can tie the space together and create that indoor feel that you are going for. Adding decorative elements to the coffee and side tables as well as personal touches of throw pillows can help make the space cozier than you can imagine. Here, the outdoor rug acts as the focal point, making the space feel warm and connected. These elements group together to create a perfect sociable living room set up, outdoors.

The pendant light in the middle of the space enhances the feeling of an indoor room. Hanging it above the seating area helps create an intimate atmosphere especially as night approaches. 

Retractable Roofs, Redmond

Retractable Roofs, Redman

Defining outdoor rooms give the space a purpose. This backyard has two significant outdoor areas that are visually defined by two large pergolas and retractable roofs. This easily creates traffic flow from one space to the other, just like the inside of a home.

A cohesive look using two of the same structures and retractable roofs add coverage to the outdoor space, keeping the flow seamless.

Our retractable solutions can help you create an outdoor room with indoor feels. Contact us today.