Six Backyard Ideas for Indoor-Outdoor Flow

Adding outdoor living space to a backyard extends the square footage of the home and makes use of every inch of the property. While some homeowners prefer their outdoor spaces to be their own entities, others aim to design a fully functioning extension of the home.

To successfully achieve this, focus on creating a seamless flow from the indoor to the outdoor space. Having a coordinated indoor-outdoor flow opens more space for you to relax while reaping the psychological benefits of being more connected with the great outdoors. Here are six ideas to create the ideal indoor-outdoor haven.

1. All About the Levels

Try building your patio or deck on the same floor level as your house.

To ensure your space flows nicely, avoid changes to the floor level. When indoor and outdoor areas are on the same level, they feel more connected. Incorporating steps not only break the flow visually, but physically slow down how fast you can get into your backyard. Homeowners in San Mateo built their deck to match the floor level of their house. It’s one step through the sliding doors for an alfresco lunch or dinner.

2. Easy Access Indoor and Out

Your outdoor and indoor areas should be easily accessible to each other.

If you already have a deck or patio that is at floor level, think about the access to and from the space. Consider incorporating glass sliding or French doors at the back of the house. Glass doors are important to create an uninterrupted visual flow even when they are closed. If the budget allows, consider the entire exterior in glass windows and doors. Open them up and bring the outdoors, ‘inside’. That’s exactly what homeowners in San Francisco did, installing two large sliding glass doors giving them easy access to their raised deck.

3. Install a Pergola with Shade

Adding a pergola and retractable shade extends the indoor comfort of a roof to the outside.

Nothing is nicer on a hot day than a shaded patio area where you can relax with a good book and your favorite drink. Another must-have is a transitional sheltered area you can enjoy in any weather. Attaching a pergola and retractable shade to the back of your house creates a feeling of togetherness with the inside, giving a sense of a smooth transition from inside to out. Brampton homeowners opted for the versatility of retractable roofs for their large custom pergola. This gives them the flexibility of having complete weather protection when needed and clear views of the open skies when desired.

4. Consider an Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is an absolute necessity if you love to cook.

Another great way to blur the distinction between inside and out is by incorporating functional rooms traditionally used indoor. Outdoor cooking spaces are quickly becoming a staple, bringing this indoor pastime to the outdoors. If you enjoy cooking up a storm, the advantages of having a well-equipped outdoor kitchen can be beneficial. You can easily prepare and cook food outdoors while enjoying quality time with your family. The layout of this deck in Brampton is conducive to such activities, allowing the family to gather at the nearby dining table just as the steaks are making their way off the grill.

5. Use Indoor-Style Décor

Styling your outdoors like you would the indoors makes the space as comfy out as it is in.

The time and consideration homeowners give to choosing indoor furniture and décor should also be given to adorn outdoor living areas. For outdoor living rooms and spaces, choose various seating options that have plush and comfortable cushions. Add side and center tables to hold beverages, books, or decorative pieces. Large flower and plant pots are also great additions, as well as large outdoor rugs to frame different spaces. A renovated deck in Prince Edward benefits from the expertise of real estate investor and renovator, Scott McGillivray. Featured in Episode 2 of HGTV’s Scott’s Vacation House Rules, Scott transforms the space by adding a large dining and barbeque area and an outdoor lounge that is designed to perfection.

6. Turn on the Lights

Add lights to your outdoor space for that smooth transition from evening to night-time.

Lights are just as important on the outside, especially when the sun goes down. Outdoor lighting is meant to be functional but can also be used to create ambience. For indoor and outdoor areas to feel connected, similar types and intensities of light should be considered for the outdoors. Lights mounted to the back of the house or inside of your pergola are an effective way of doing this. Homeowners in Surrey added hanging string lights on and around their pergola giving a relaxing and romantic feel to the space. With the fire pit table lit, the living space is ready for warm snuggles after a long day.

Indoor-outdoor spaces give you the best of both worlds. They add extra space and value to your home while giving a space to enjoy your favourite activities, such as cooking, dining, or hanging out with loved ones.

Need help blending the two with a reliable shade structure? We can help.