Featured on Episode 2 of HGTV’s  Scott’s Vacation House Rules is a beach-front West Lake cottage in need of help. This family cottage dwells in Prince Edward County where the popular Sandbanks beaches attract tourists with its golden sand and shimmering water. The goal of this project is to keep the cottage in the family by turning it into vacation rental property to generate income.

Real estate investor and renovator, Scott McGillivray and team, uses his ‘vacation house rules’ to renovate the simple-looking cabin into an impressive lakefront property.

Taking advantage of the naked lakefront, the team transforms the mundane deck into an eye-catching outdoor space. Scott’s House Vacation Rule Number 2 is to ‘Plan Your Design’. The open canvas allows the team to create the perfect outdoor retreat.

The homeowner’s concerns are that the deck gets too warm and sunny but would like to enjoy the view from both indoors and out. The solution is a pergola that takes the place of a fixed roof, creating a lakefront haven that provides coverage without blocking the natural light.

Applying his third rule, ‘Get Noticed’, Scott transforms the space by adding a large dining and barbeque area and an outdoor lounge. After a quick stop to ShadeFX’s showroom in Milton, the large pergola is complete with the addition of two retractable canopies.

ShadeFX customized and installed two 10’ x 12’ motor canopies in a Sunbrella Clinton Granite fabric. The multicolored stripes coordinate easily with the overall décor, creating a relaxing and inviting outdoor space. Blocking 75% of the sun’s heat, the canopies make the space below cozier and cooler, as well as offer rain protection when needed.

In Scott’s own words, “Little too much sun? We can take care of that. Little bit of rain? Not a big deal! Too hot out here? Not anymore!”

Take control of your rental property and add a motorized retractable shade for a striking, but functional feature. Contact us today.

Watch the Full Episode Here.

Photo credit: Johnny C.Y. Lam