When faced with the task of turning a steeply sloped suburban backyard into a ‘Decked Out’ original, HGTV host Paul Lafrance pulled out all the stops. Despite their traditional style, the homeowners decided to give the ‘Decked Out’ crew total creative freedom, and they would not be disappointed. The crew decided to give the backyard an industrial look complimented by the subtle touch of nature, complete with waterfall and ambient fire, a design certainly not traditional.

A striking steel framed pergola connected the front and back areas of the space with a hanging steel rod bridge tying the entire space together. The front area boasted a beautifully furnished kitchen and dining area along with a stretched out hammock that helped soften the industrial feel while still maintaining its edge. The area furthest from the house was adorned with a beautifully curved pergola that served as the focal point of this dramatic transformation. To provide both shade and privacy, the steel framed structure was covered with our motorized arched retractable canopy, which easily adjusted to the contours of the curved structure. When necessary, the homeowners had ready access to shade and rain coverage along with seclusion from neighbouring sight-lines which looked down into the space.

It was a great pleasure to be a part of this project and a special thanks go out to HGTV “Decked Out” for featuring us on their episode.

 You can watch the entire episode here!