This project started when the homeowner visited Gerrick Carpentry, a longtime ShadeFX partner, for a custom pergola by their pool. They wanted something that would make the ultimate outdoor living space with the practical functionality of sun protection and the added privacy of the lattice panel that Gerrick specializes in.

Upon seeing the ShadeFX display, the vision of what you see here began. With the addition of the rain protection provided by the retractable pergola canopy, the prospect of cushioned furniture became that much more appealing. Nobody wants to have to cover furniture or take in cushions every time there is a shower on the horizon. With ShadeFX you can relax.

The final installation and furnished living space are truly impressive. Our compliments go to the homeowner for achieving the pinnacle of style and comfort in their outdoor living lifestyle.

ShadeFX can help transform your outdoor space. Ask us how.