Working with Cedar Springs Landscape Group, we knew only a ‘Five-Star’ performance would be acceptable. Their visionary project included striking hardscaping design complimented by subtle landscaping, a pool and adjacent hot tub. A striking arched pergola tied the space together serving to provide the homeowners with the perfect vantage point of their beautiful backyard.

Initially, the unique arched pergola was a bit of a challenge, but with a little bit of alteration and ingenuity, our compatible ShadeFX design served as the perfect solution. Before painting and cladding the pergola, we installed our captive stabilizers to ensure the system was fully integrated. This was followed by the installation of our canopy wings; a natural flex 6063 T6 grade aluminum easily complied with the arched pergola top.

To maintain our sense of style, both front and rear valences were split in the middle to eliminate any ruffles in the fabric. We then installed dome snaps at the rear valence to prevent any fraying or tearing of the fabric. The homeowners decided to go with our motorized drive option and Sunbrella beige suede canopy, matching perfectly with their outdoor furniture.

We would like to extend our thanks to Cedar Springs Landscape Group for allowing us to work with them on the creation of this ‘five-star’ outdoor space. We are looking forward to having a chance of working with them again!