At ShadeFX, we value our client relationships, especially those with our trusted partners. We are delighted when they continuously choose our products to enhance their outdoor design projects.

Julie Powers Design is a full-service decorating/design firm operating out of Toronto and has been a loyal client for over five years. Julie is an expert in project management, guiding her clients through the initial planning and execution stages.

Sharing a common goal of creating beautiful and functional spaces, the design company reached out to ShadeFX to collaborate on another residential project.

The Toronto homeowners have an extended backyard area that they want to make good use of. The redesigned space now features a lap pool, lawn and BBQ area, and an inviting outdoor living room.

Working with the designer, ShadeFX customized the perfect weather solution for the space. A large 18’ x 18’ retractable shade structure was manufactured and attached to the back of the house. This creates a smooth flow from the indoors to the new outdoor space. The standard post height of the structure was increased from 9’ to 12’, and additional wings were added to the canopy, ensuring that as the canopy is extended and retracted, it does not hang below the doors and disrupt the sightlines.

The structure and components were powder-coated black, and a neutral Harbor-Time Antique canopy fabric was chosen to complement the home’s contemporary style.

The family’s new retractable shade solution ensures they, and everything underneath is entirely covered and protected from the elements. Opting for motor operated system allows the homeowners to easily extend, retract or position the canopy at any point along the single track.

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