A Decade of ShadeFX’s Residential Projects

It’s now the year 2020, marking the end of a decade and the start of a new one. It has been a progressively innovative 10 years for the company. Let’s take a look at ShadeFX through 10 projects over the years.

2010: Pergola Canopy, Southern Living Idea House

Pergola Canopy, Southern Living Idea House

Our retractable canopy was part of a sponsorship project for the Southern Living House Idea in 2010. Here, the canopy fabric is considerably narrower than the canopy wings. This is how we stabilized the wings on the inside face of the beams, while the fabric clears the post capitals.

2011: Waterproof Retractable Deck Cover, Toronto

Waterproof Retractable Deck Cover, Toronto

An urban oasis can be found on the terrace of a townhome in Toronto. The waterproof Harbor Time Driftwood fabric of the canopy protects this deck and the homeowners underneath. The canopy was sized to extend the pergola’s frame, so the dripline is beyond the railing.

2012: Retractable Pergola Canopy, Oakville

Retractable Pergola Canopy, Oakville

Homeowners in Oakville, Ontario wanted to create the ultimate outdoor living space with poolside sun protection. In tandem with our partners Gerrick Carpentry, who built a large pergola and lattice panel for privacy, ShadeFX manufactured a retractable canopy.

2013: Retractable Patio Cover, Vancouver

Retractable Patio Cover, Vancouver

When extended, this nautical blue Harbour Time canopy extends to cover an area of 140 sq. ft. providing the homeowners with maximum coverage. Similar to many ShadeFX installations, the canopy has a slight arch to shed rain at both sides during the spring and summer months.

2014: Arched Retractable Awning, HGTV’s Decked Out

Arched Retractable Awning, HGTV’s Decked Out

For this ‘Decked Out’ HGTV Project, Paul LaFrance Design and his team aimed to ‘bend the rules’ to provide homeowners with a deck that could be enjoyed during rain or shine. After installing the curved cedar pergola beams, ShadeFX’s arched retractable canopy easily contoured to the shape of its arched frame.

2015: Retractable Roof, Aspen

Retractable Roof, Aspen

The defining feature of this Aspen home is the astonishing view from its 1000 sq. ft. patio. With a minimum of 100 precipitation days per year and a UV index of 5.8, the owners needed robust sun and rain protection. Three motorized retractable roofs were mounted above the pergola, giving the homeowners the flexibility of installing lights, fans, heaters, and other accessories underneath.

2016: Retractable Shade, Napa Valley

retractable shade in Napa Valley
Retractable Shade, Napa Valley

Keen to design an environmentally friendly space in Napa Valley, the homeowners teamed up with Blu Homes. The result, a unique prefabricated home designed with open spaces, natural light, and floor-to-ceiling windows to peer into the wonderful world of wine. To shade their large west-facing deck, an 18’x16’ manual canopy was paired with their pergola.

2017: Freestanding Retractable Canopy, Milton

Freestanding Retractable Canopy, Milton

ShadeFX’s innovative dual post retractable shade system was the ideal solution for these Milton homeowners. Their newly renovated backyard demanded functional shade and wind-resistant coverage when lounging by their pool. The Freestanding Retractable Canopy answered that call with a more modern and functional version to a large scoped umbrella.

2018: Attached Structure, Birmingham, MI

Attached Structure, Birmingham, MI

ShadeFX seized the opportunity to provide an attached structure with retractable shade to match a clean and modern design. Our custom aluminum structure has a minimalist and seamless appearance which integrated perfectly with the black details outlining this two-story home. A 16’x14’ black structure was attached to the back of the house.

2019: Retractable Shade, King City

retractable shade
Retractable Shade, King City

From inception, the incorporation of a retractable shade solution was a must for the homeowners. They wanted a smooth transition from indoor to outdoor, creating an extension rather than individual space. Most importantly, they wanted a useable area whether hot and sunny or pouring rain. A sleek 22’x12’ manual retractable canopy does the job providing a cozy feel and protection when extended.

The journey from 2010 to 2020 has been exciting, especially with the launch of our freestanding canopy system and custom aluminum structures. We are excited for what this new decade has in store.

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