Eight Custom Structure Designs and Applications

ShadeFX understands that no two spaces are the same size and not everyone has the same style. That’s why ShadeFX custom builds structures and retractable shades to fit your unique design, ready to be installed.

We have worked with many creative designers, architects and homeowners, all with varied visions. Here are eight projects to spark some inspiration.

1. Poolside Cabanas

For the ultimate poolside retreat, private cabanas provide a relaxing haven for guests. Level Furnished Living and Cabana Pool Bar ensure their guests have an area to take cover from the blazing sun.

Both applications use the integrated track curtains, adding an elegant factor and privacy option. The classic white structures enhance the resort-like feeling while guests indulge in bottle service and poolside snacks.

2. Double the Beams, Double the Posts

When it comes to details, Land Art Design helped The Livmore refine residential rentals. Their distinct design of two beams and two posts provide creative protection on their 5thfloor outdoor amenities.

ShadeFX not only built the custom structures but also installed them. Now, the visually appealing shade solutions protect delicate skin in the playpen and hungry bellies in the communal kitchen.

3. Think Inside the Box

Have minimal space, but love the idea of simple floral accents? ShadeFX can customize structures to fit within chic and stylish planters’ box. Flowers bursting from each corner of your structure will surely add a personal touch.

Govan Brown Associates and this Outdoor Structure in Washington have one thing in common: a green thumb to go along with a turnkey retractable canopy solution.

4. Cantilever Like

ShadeFX’s newest product is a hot commodity. The freestanding, wind resistant, custom structure has three tilt positions, protecting you from the easterly or westerly sun.

With only two posts, the structure adapts well into tight-fitting spaces or alongside the edge of a pool. As part of the custom solution, consumers can choose from a variety of fabric colors to complement any design.

5. Rendezvous and Rooftop Views

Whether lounging on the 4thfloor or eating at a restaurant, there is something about rooftop views.

In particular, Washington homeowners researched shade solutions for years before finding ShadeFX’s structure and retractable roof. The unique corner location and footprint of their rooftop deck proved to be no problem for the custom structure.

Likewise, Rooftop 25 at Twenty Five Lusk found that by adding a fully equipped custom structure kit, they maximized their return on investment. Rain or shine, patrons can enjoy delicious wood-fired, hand-crafted pizzas.

6. Goats on the Roof

This exemplary application showcases the expansive space custom structures can cover. The once exposed 2200 sq. ft. patio now comfortably covers 150 Swedish meatball eating guests.

Al Johnson’s Stabbur Beer Garden was an exciting installation complete with retractable roof and gutters. Unfortunately, there are no goats on these roofs. But, if you’re looking for the grass grazing goats, they’re on the attached barn roof from May to October.

7. Unique Patio Shapes

Landscaping and backyard improvements can happen in phases and sometimes you end up with a one-off patio shape. Square, rectangle, rhombus or even a trapezoid, ShadeFX can customize structures to fit your patio.

For example, this Birmingham patio required offset posts for the black structure. Although not where your typical posts are placed, there is no interference with the retractable canopy. Don’t have a perfectly square patio? Not a problem!

8. Not Just for Shade

Custom built homes usually need custom solutions. This house, in particular, desired a unique structure to tie in two patio areas without interrupting their blooming garden between.

Rather than having two separate structures, the homeowners opted for three connected structures attached to their home. Three bays, two canopies and a flourishing garden complete this backyard nirvana.

All in all, custom built, commercial quality, and ready to install are all features that make choosing a retractable shade solution even easier.

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