Since 1994, Govan Brown has been dedicated to providing their clients with exceptional service, quality work and innovation. With offices across the country, Govan Brown is quickly evolving into one of Canada’s leading interior companies, already having worked with big brand names like Adidas, Amazon and Cactus Club.

Across all their national offices, the Govan Brown signature shines through their designs. Now, at their Toronto office, as consumer styles have changed and technology improves, that same imprint is taking on a new character.

After twenty years in the city’s downtown core, Govan Brown is making the ambitious move to the city’s West End, affectionately dubbed by locals as “The Junction”. Naturally, the firm employed their own construction management team to turn the defunct industrial space at 108 Vine, into a modern and innovative office.

Much like their designs for Amazon and Adidas, the massive space invites an open floor plan that fosters collaboration and communication between employees.

Integral to the function of the new office are spaces that encourage relaxation and the ‘slow burn’ of creativity. This is why Govan Brown set aside designs for a rooftop patio and clubhouse. Designed as an employee-centric space, staff can kick back, relax, and let their creative juices ferment. Though it encourages a laid-back atmosphere, the space is still conducive to spontaneous and innovative brainstorming sessions.

It’s no mystery that in Toronto, mid-summer heat waves and periodic sun showers are the norm, so it’s no surprise that Govan Brown Toronto looked to provide solid overhead protection from the elements.

After a careful pre-construction process to appoint qualified trades, ShadeFX was chosen to assess the site, manufacture and install the outdoor structure. This was made easy through collaboration with the brilliant team at Giannone Petricone Associates Inc. By the end of the project, along with funky patio furniture, stunning clubhouse and essential BBQ pit, the Govan Brown Toronto rooftop also boasted an outdoor structure that covered an area of 48’x16′ (768 sq.ft.) with three 16’x16′ motorized retractable canopies.

Now, whether it’s rain or shine, only brainstorming is the norm at Govan Brown Toronto.