Located on the northeast corner of Warden and Ashtonbee, is one of Canada’s premier cue sport and entertainment venues, the Corner Bank Sports Bar & Grill. Owned, and operated by two snooker champions, this 14,000 sq. ft. billiard club was built to host all types of functions and special events.

The impressive 50ft bar, 12-foot projection screens and 60-inch tv monitors make it an ideal location to grab drinks with some friends or watch the big game. However, it’s the endless provision of Diamond professional pool and Shender snooker tables, that make this Toronto hotspot stand out amongst its peers. Only the best for the cue sports enthusiasts.

In the interest of increasing seating capacity and creating a fresh lounging experience, the popular hangout underwent construction at the end of 2017.

The already impressive pool hall was given a modest interior touch-up, but the major overhaul took place outside. The owners added an additional 3,000 sq. ft. to the facility footprint by converting a once vacant parking lot, into an outdoor patio and bar.

To define the new entertainment space, two custom ShadeFX structures, with retractable canopies were strategically placed on opposite ends of the patio, each serving a different function. One structure houses a cocktail bar, its seating, and two large LED TVs, while the other covers a lounge seating area. With the addition of casual dining between the structures, the Corner Bank Sports Bar & Grill has evolved even more as a multifunctional venue.

“Dealing with ShadeFX from the initial phone call inquiring about their product to the completion of our project was truly a great experience. They worked closely with us on every stage of the project from design, permit review and construction, the end result exceeded our expectations!

Our patrons and guests just love the ambience and shade created by the canopies.

If you are looking to create a unique outside functional space we highly recommend you call ShadeFX.”

– John White, Owner, Corner Bank Sports Bar & Grill

By adding a patio, the billiard club has almost doubled its seating capacity and by extension its bottom line. The renovated space also creates a new outdoor experience for patrons.

Play or watch, dine or relax, inside or out, the Corner Bank Sports Bar & Grill, now has more options to accommodate all of their guests.

Don’t be behind the 8-ball. Define your outdoor space with ShadeFX. Contact us today.