The Green Flash Brewing Co., founded in San Diego, is a super-hero of the craft beer renaissance. Starting in 2002, the small passion project exploded into a nationwide phenomenon with the advent of their forever game-changing West Coast IPA. Since then, GFB Co. has not only tripled their operation but has continued to outdo themselves with experimental, limited edition, seasonal offerings each year.

Much like their craft beer offerings, Green Flash Co. likes to push the limits on their design, development and process. That’s why, it’s was no surprise when they decided to expand to Virginia Beach, on the east coast, to open up their third brewery.

Despite sprawling nine acres of fire pits, bocce ball courts, tasting room and private party area, the new brewery is still capable of pumping out 100,000 barrels of quality craft beer a month. However, the piece de resistance of their east coast operation is their one-acre beer garden. There is nothing better than a truly fresh pint of beer on a hot summer day unless of course, it’s too hot or wet.

This is where Timmons Group comes in. Responsible for creating a landscape design that complimented the Green Flash Brewery, David Chirico of Timmons measured out each and every detail, literally. In order to accentuate the company logo on the adorning wall, above the patio, Green Flash Co. requested a roundhouse type pergola that would radiate out from the decal. Never one to disappoint, all the details of the landscape layout were set in degrees from a center point, sprawling around the perimeter of the patio.

Now, David had to provide shade. That’s where we came in.

“The beer garden at Green Flash Brewery in Virginia Beach is a one-acre site positioned for not only shaded areas but a unique outdoor experience. Working with ShadeFX, we were able to incorporate a one of a kind retractable single-track canopy system for a large curved pergola. From initial contact, ShadeFX was consistently responsive over an eight-month period of design changes and refinements. Their tireless efforts contributed significantly to the process that produced a spectacular result. We were thoroughly impressed with the leadership and results they provided to the client. From now on ShadeFX is our go-to resource for outdoor retractable systems.”

– David Chirico, Designer, Land Development – Timmons Group

Getting our ShadeFX canopy system to Virginia was only the first step in a long process, much like a perfectly crafted beer, the process matters. For that reason, we were thrilled to learn that we would be working with Mike Arnold, project manager of The Miller Group. As the general contractor, Mike was responsible for ensuring that all things, drawings, plans and material, were in working order. This included installation of the nine motorized ShadeFX canopies and gutter system.

I expected installing nine retractable canopies would be a complicated and difficult task for my sub, but once we exchanged some drawings and phone calls, I was confident ShadeFX knew what they were doing.  They were easy to work with, always on the ball, and considerate of the details important to a GC.  We received the systems slightly ahead of schedule.  I have no hesitation in recommending ShadeFX as a leader in their industry and as a company that it is a pleasure to do business with.

Mike Arnold, Project Manager, The Miller Group

Working with true professionals in David Chirico of the Timmons Group and Mike Arnold of the Miller Group, we were able to craft an outdoor experience that reflects the Green Flash Co. brand, product and experience.