This beautiful canopy is on a Walpole Outdoors pergola that was constructed as part of a sponsorship project for the Southern Living Idea House in 2010.

The pergola is the centerpiece of the outdoor living space and the striped Sunbrella Lankford Willow fabric expresses the classic style of the homeowners perfectly. It is always surprising how well brown based earth tones make for a relaxing and comfortable space. The stripes add line and direction to the space and the shadows of the rafters and purlins give it an interesting twist.

If you look carefully, you will see that the fabric is considerably narrower than the canopy wings. This is how we properly stabilize the wings on the inside face of the beams, while clearing the post caps with the fabric. Our order form has two widths on it, one for wings and one for fabric, for this reason.

ShadeFX is available in a matte silver anodized finish which is complementary to natural wood frames and works with most finishes. However, if you have a white pergola, we do have a white finish option for our mechanism which was ordered here.