This is an example of how a ShadeFX topside canopy system can mount to any structure. It sits right on top like a true cover. In this case, the structure was designed to look like the ruins of an old barn. It was made from the posts, beams and foundation stone of just that, and the topside canopy was just the thing to protect from sun and rain over the whole area.

It is a common occurrence for ShadeFX to be called after everything is made and the little details that can make installation easy are not addressed. In this case, the large beam in the middle leaves only two options; a canopy on either side, which does not protect from rain, or a topside canopy, which is only available from ShadeFX. We’re glad the contractor was able to find us.

This is a rope operated system which is an affordable option over the motorized system. Rope operated topsides can go up to 160 square feet before becoming difficult to operate. They can go larger as long as the operator has the strength to set the fabric tension once fully extended. This can require quite a tug.