The historic village of Kleinburg is a refined, upscale community. The vibrant neighborhoods are made up of estates, mixed with cozy modest homes. Homeowners here enjoy the charms of a small-town feel. Lining the main street is a mix of boutique shops, cafes and luxurious spa retreats.

Further enhancing their backyard oasis, these homeowners built a pool house to complement the design of their home. The pool house features a bar and an open front for lounging and entertaining. Although a great space, the area gets direct sunlight. For this reason, homeowner Claudio Grisolia reached out to ShadeFX to add a retractable roof.

Desiring the right amount of coverage, ShadeFX provided a site assessment to ensure the existing structure could accommodate the shade. Once the roof was manufactured, ShadeFX returned to Kleinburg and installed the 16’ x 14’ retractable roof.

The Harbor-Time Edge Driftwood retractable roof provides complete sun and rain protection. The addition of a fixed rear panel delivers a tight seal preventing rain from leaking onto the bar below. Furthermore, the ability to retract and expose the sun allows swimming guests to dry off under the warm sunshine.

Keeping up with technology, Claudio included the Mylink home automation solution. The motorized Somfy-powered retractable roof can be controlled and operated from his smartphone. A handy application, even when he’s away from home, he can control the retractable roof with a single tap.

“We are very, very happy with the results. The install team were very nice guys who did a really great job. Everything is hunky-dory!”

– Claudio Grisolia

Above all, having a pool house with a retractable roof allows you and your guests to enjoy the open air. They can choose to stay out of the sun or soak in the rays.

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