Due to its large public park system, Bridgeport, the fifth largest city in New England, is best known as ‘The Park City’. Despite being exposed to harsh winter months and spring showers, residents of this seaport town have always held recreation and leisure in the highest regard. Since the 1800s, residents of Bridgeport used their public parks as a place for rest and relaxation. This tradition and its emphasis on some well-deserved r&r continues to this very day, except in a more personal and private way.

Inspired by the public parks surrounding them, one local resident decided to create their own personal escape by borrowing the traditional style and design of their predecessors. The striking, bold and timeless design of the white classical pergola is the perfect complement to the traditional regional style and design of their home. In addition to this outdoor structure are meticulous landscaping and outdoor furniture that is synonymous with Connecticut design.

However, due to the geography of Bridgeport, the maritime influence, and exposure to the temperament of the four seasons, this outdoor space was not being maximized. After reviewing the outdoor space requirements with the homeowner, it was concluded that a retractable roof was the best solution for protecting the outdoor living room from the elements while maintaining the classical characteristics of the pergola.

“Shade FX was the perfect solution for us to fully utilize our outdoor living space. The overmount application above our pergola allows us to appreciate the aesthetics of the pergola while protecting us from inclement weather. The motorized operation with remote control works perfectly. The Sales and Service teams were top notch to work with. We are very happy with the ShadeFX canopy.”

– The Filiberto’s

The final result was a modern solution to a classic design in a town best known for pursuing the finer things in life, like some good ol’ fashioned rest and relaxation.

Whether modern or classic, ShadeFX has a retractable solution to fit every style. Contact us today.