Covering the Competition:
How ShadeFX Stacks Up Against Alternatives

Still a relatively young company, ShadeFX debuted its patented single track system at the Toronto Home Show in January 2008. After 11 successful years in the industry, it’s no wonder everyone is talking about us. Whether you completely understand our systems, have a general idea, or have no idea at all, ShadeFX is an innovative shade solution, unmatched in today’s market.

From the famous Beverly Hills Hotel and the historic Harley Davidson museum, to Red Bull’s mighty Head office and notable Rockefeller Center, ShadeFX’s presence is widespread across North America. Not only do we specialize in large commercial projects, but you can also find us in your neighbor’s yard.

So, why choose ShadeFX over alternative solutions?

This blog series will breakdown areas where ShadeFX may be the better solution. More specifically, we will be talking about the profound differences between ShadeFX and the competition.

  1. ShadeFX Vs. Louvered Roofs
  2. ShadeFX Vs. Retractable Awnings
  3. ShadeFX Vs. Sun Sails
  4. ShadeFX Vs. Umbrellas
  5. ShadeFX Vs. Pavilions
  6. ShadeFX Vs. Direct Competitors

Always keep in mind the life span, quality, versatility and warranties of the shade, when searching for the optimal solution.

Let us help ease the process when it comes to comparing different products that can provide a similar solution. Don’t sacrifice comfort or style when you can have both.

Whether it’s a commercial or residential project, we got you covered!