Restaurants Featuring Covered Patios by ShadeFX

There are many benefits of a covered patio. It protects your guests from the sun and rain, provides shade and privacy, and creates a comfortable place to dine in an outdoor setting without having to worry about bad weather. The great outdoors can be enjoyed undercover!

Besides these practical reasons to cover your restaurant patio, there is also the benefit of creating a beautiful space. Impress your guests with a captivating atmosphere while they enjoy their meal with family and friends.

Here are 12 restaurants that focus on weather risk management and are reaping the rewards of their investment. Their shaded seating ensures they are open for business no matter the forecast, positively impacting their bottom line with revenue that would’ve been lost due to inclement weather.

1. Rooftop 25 at Twenty Five Lusk

Rooftop 25 in San Francisco, California
Rooftop 25 in San Francisco, California.

Rooftop 25 is a restaurant, lounge, and bar on the rooftop of Twenty Five Lusk in San Francisco, California. The casual spot offers creative cuisine, beautiful wines, and gorgeous city views. ShadeFX worked with local contractors to deliver seven custom retractable shade structures, equipped with gutters for a watertight solution. With over 1,250 sq. ft. of protected and heated seating, the rooftop is open year-round.

2. The Beach House Restaurant

The Beach House Restaurant in Vancouver, British Columbia.
The Beach House Restaurant in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Located in West Vancouver, British Columbia, is an iconic restaurant called The Beach House. After major renovations in 2019, they updated the interior and upgraded their expansive patio. Working with Norson Construction, ShadeFX manufactured and installed three 20’x18’ retractable roofs with gutters over the 1080 sq. ft. patio. The large, covered patio equipped with ample heating, ensures patrons can dine in comfort no matter the weather.

3. Joia on Main

Joia on Main in Newmarket, Ontario.
Joia on Main in Newmarket, Ontario.

Serving up authentic Italian cuisine, Joia on Main in Newmarket, Ontario, has a massive outdoor patio overlooking the Riverwalk Commons. The summer hotspot traded in its unreliable patio umbrellas for three sleek and modern structures. Mounted above the rafters are three 20’x18’ motorized roofs, providing over 1,000 sq. ft. of sun and rain protection.

4. Craft Beer Market

Craft Beer Market in Kelowna, British Columbia.

Found in the old Paramount Theatre on Bernard Avenue in British Columbia, Craft Beer Market is a social hub for craft beer enthusiasts. The rooftop patio is a favorite among visitors because of its magnificent views of Lake Okanagan and the City Park. ShadeFX customized seven retractable roofs to protect nearly 1700 sq ft from sun and rain.

5. RED Madison

RED Madison in Wisconsin.
RED Madison in Wisconsin.

A few minutes from Wisconsin State Capital, RED Madison offers an exciting dining experience with an Asian fusion menu that spans continents and goes far beyond sushi. To accommodate their increasing numbers, ShadeFX manufactured and installed three 16’x18’ retractable structures in the restaurant’s courtyard patio.

6. Earls Kitchen + Bar

Earls Kitchen + Bar in Toronto.

Earls Kitchen + Bar is the poster child in North America for ‘upscale casual’ dining. Located in the heart of Toronto’s financial district, the restaurant’s patio channels a West Coast industrial vibe in its overall design. At the push of a button, eight retractable canopies can be extended in sync or individually to provide patrons with coverage when needed.

7. Pier 49

Pier 49 in Juneau, Alaska
Pier 49 in Juneau, Alaska.

Aptly named Pier 49, this waterfront restaurant offers comfortable outdoor lounging paired with world-class views. Located in Juneau, Alaska, a city with over 250 days of precipitation every year, a reliable weather solution was on the cards. ShadeFX manufactured two large motorized retractable canopies providing nearly 1,000 sq. ft. of coverage.

8. Harley-Davidson Museum

Motor Bar and Restaurant at the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Motor Bar and Restaurant at the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The only Harley-Davidson Museum restaurant, Motor Bar & Restaurant, offers diners the best of America’s culinary culture with classics such as Louisiana-style jambalaya and Booyah Stew. ShadeFX customized eight 10’x10’ retractable canopies to cover the restaurant’s 800 sq. ft. outdoor patio.

9. Chroma Modern Bar + Kitchen

Chroma Modern Bar + Kitchen in Orlando, Florida.

Chroma Modern Bar + Kitchen serves a colorful menu of contemporary tapas, craft beer, and fine wine to customers in Orlando, Florida. The nearly 8,000 sq. ft. building includes a 600 sq. ft patio covered by two 24’x12’ motorized canopies. The waterproof canopy fabric and commercial heaters keep the patrons dry and warm throughout the seasons.

10. Bardot

Bardot Restaurant in Claremont, California.
Bardot Restaurant in Claremont, California.

Located in the scenic Claremont Village, Bardot Restaurant offers casual California cuisine and seasonal local favorites. Their existing patio was updated from a canvas cable system to three motorized retractable canopies. Bardot’s expansive and protected patio makes it a No. 1 spot for alfresco dining in this quaint town.

11. The Keg Steakhouse

The Keg Steakhouse and Bar in Sherway Gardens, Etobicoke.

The Keg Steakhouse and Bar in Sherway Gardens boasts a rooftop patio with a 600 sq. ft. opening that can be covered or open depending on the weather. ShadeFX installed two motorized canopies, guaranteeing that the seats and customers remain dry. A wall switch was also installed, ensuring that the staff could open and close the retractable shade with one push of a button.

12. Cantina Del Centro

Cantina Del Centro in Nelson, British Columbia.

Cantina Del Centro is a popular eating spot in Nelson, British Columbia, known for its wide array of Mexican food. To capitalize on patio season, the restaurant contacted ShadeFX for a dynamic solution. Two 16’x14’ retractable shades were installed over the pop-up patio, covering roughly 450 sq. ft. of outdoor dining space.

Whether you want to extend your patio season with a retractable shade solution or upgrade your existing structure, ShadeFX has the perfect solutions.

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