Restaurants Focus on Weather Risk Management

As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc around the world, economies are shuttering, and businesses are suffering. While every industry is impacted in some shape or form, the hospitality sector, more specifically restaurants, are amongst those hit the hardest.

Major chains and independent operators alike are up against constantly changing rules and regulations that dictate when and how they can open and conduct business. This, of course, has severely impacted everyone’s bottom line.

In an attempt to adhere to social distancing rules, most restaurants can be seen spilling out of their front doors and onto nearby streets, sidewalks and, parking spots. For many business owners, it’s their last hope to claw back any business at all.

As Bloomberg has reported, restaurants with outdoor patios also have to worry about impending rainstorms. According to a recent story titled Add Rainstorms to the List of Restaurants’ 2020 Headaches, the article notes that “a 5 p.m. shower can cut business by 95% for restaurants that have gone exclusively al fresco amid the pandemic”.

At the threat of a sudden downpour and without reliable rain protection, any outdoor patio space becomes unusable. This immediately impedes any further business until the skies are clear and the space can be reset to accommodate customers.

Weather risk management is now at the forefront of priorities for most restauranteurs. Inclement weather is the difference between a successful day and one without revenue. Properly designed and planned sun and rain protection will not only mitigate service disruption, positively impacting the bottom line, it will also enhance the overall ambiance of the space, leaving a lasting impression on patrons.

Pairing the space with mounted, or portable heaters transform a patio into a three-season or even four-season space, depending on location.

There are many ways to achieve the right protection for your customers. Here are four examples of patios still open for business, regardless of today’s weather forecast.

Joia on Main, Custom Structure Solution

Joia on Main
Joia on Main, Newmarket, Ontario

Serving up authentic Italian cuisine, Joia on Main expanded its fine dining experience to Newmarket, Ontario. The new location has a massive outdoor patio overlooking Riverwalk Commons and has become a hotspot for patrons to cool down and relax.

Needing a complete weather solution, ShadeFX customized and installed three large connected structures complete with retractable roofs. Their new solution provides over 1,000 sq ft. of sun and rain protection for their diners.

For additional rain management, gutters line the structures and the waterproof, fire-retardant canopy fabric has allowed Joia to mount heaters as a second phase of the project for the colder months.

Bardot, Retractable Canopy Solution

Bardot, Claremont, California

Located in Claremont Village, California, Bardot Restaurant already had a spacious outdoor patio. Originally the space was covered with a series of sheer canvas pieces suspended along numerous cable wires. However, with inadequate coverage from the sun, they also incorporated umbrellas. During periods of rainfall, the combination failed to protect customers.

Under a redesign of the patio, with assistance from ShadeFX, Bardot built and erected a custom pergola to fit the shades. ShadeFX then manufactured and installed three 24’x14’ motorized retractable canopies with notched rain gutters, protecting approximately 60 patio seats.

The Serge Ferrari canopy fabric allows the use of portable heaters underneath, now Bardot offers a four-season patio to those lucky enough to call Claremont their home.

Beach House, Retractable Roof Solution

weather risk management

The Beach House Restaurant in West Vancouver successfully reopened after major renovations in November 2019. With a new bright and open interior and direct views to the seaside, the restaurant upgraded the best seats in the house – the outdoor patio.

Like Bardot, they also utilized umbrellas on their patio but desired something more robust. Working with Norson Construction who designed their new pergola, ShadeFX manufactured and installed three 20’x18’ retractable roofs with gutters. The new solution fully protects the 1080 sq. ft. patio from harsh sun or rain.

The fire-retardant Serge Ferrari fabric allows for built-in heaters to be added, keeping the space warm throughout the colder months.

The Crooked Cue, Pop-Up Patio Solution

pop-up patio
The Crooked Cue, Mississauga, Ontario

Taking a slightly different approach to outdoor dining is The Crooked Cue in Mississauga, Ontario. This restaurant sets up and tears down their sidewalk patio every year. For city compliance, the structures cannot be permanently mounted to the sidewalk and are required to be removed at the end of each patio season.

Looking to upgrade their coverage from a traditional roll out awning, the restaurant contracted ShadeFX for a turnkey solution. Two 14’ x 18’ custom black structures paired with retractable roofs were specified and installed by ShadeFX.

For easy removal, the structure posts are secured to the deck joists with detachable structural bolts. The only permanent piece of the structure left after October is the ledger beam against the building. It takes less than half a day to set up and tear down the patio each season.

ShadeFX retractable solutions are engineered and customized to fit the unique needs of any business. Furthermore, the space can be enhanced and designed to replicate the indoor feel but with outdoor benefits. Whether retractable canopies, roofsor custom outdoor structures, our solutions assuage the fears of impending bad weather interrupting your patrons, patios, or your bottom line.

Secure your patio with reliable outdoor weather protection. Ask us how.