When the temperature rises and the sun warms the ground, people emerge from their winter slumber. With patio season in full bloom, restaurants prepare for the influx of ecstatic patrons anxious to dine and socialize outdoors.

Voted ‘Best Pool Hall’ 17 years straight, The Crooked Cue in Mississauga sets up and tears down their sidewalk patio every year. Parading an extensive menu, 100+ craft beers, and 23 billiards tables, the additional patio seating quickly fills as the weather turns.

Looking to upgrade their coverage from a traditional rollout awning, The Crooked Cue contacted ShadeFX for a site assessment, proposal and installation.

ShadeFX manufactured and installed two 14’ x 18’ custom black structures, paired with retractable roofs. The Ferrari Concrete fabric provides rain protection and allows for the placement of heaters underneath.

For city compliance, the structures cannot be permanently mounted to the sidewalk. They are required to be removed at the end of each patio season (October) and re-installed the following spring (May). As a result, the structure posts are secured to the deck joists with detachable structural bolts. The ledger beam against the building is the only permanent piece of the structure that remains in place throughout the offseason.

“Thank you ShadeFX for doing such a great job on our outdoor retractable canopy for our patio here at The Crooked Cue. I think the finished product looks and works amazingly well. The process from concept to completion was handled professionally and quickly, on time, and on budget. I have been told that The Crooked Cue has become the talk of the town since our new canopy system was installed…and we have seen a nice increase in business too! Cheers!”

– John Pappas, Owner, The Crooked Cue

Pop up patios are quickly becoming the newest trend for al fresco dining and The Crooked Cue may have very well ‘hooked’ the competition with this striking addition.

Calculate your return on investment and ‘run out’ with a ShadeFX system.