Some believe that life is but a fine wine to be sipped and savoured, while others, like founder and CEO of Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurants Tom McEnery, feel it should be a total experience. Now, after almost sixteen years and nineteen different locations, McEnery’s worldview is fully realized at their Oak Lawn, Illinois location.

The Cooper Hawk brand and experience has been aged perfectly to produce a new design on their already successful floor plan that includes a winery, restaurant and retail space. The Oak Lawn location incorporates all these features but uses the natural aesthetic of West Coast wineries to create a foreign experience in this Chicago suburb.

The 10,820-square foot space boasts a massive dining area, 2 private event spaces, a tasting room, artisanal retail space and a stunning outdoor dining patio.

The patio with a retractable roof is the newest feature of the Cooper’s Hawk Winery brand, one that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also revenue generating. Working alongside Englewood Construction & Management and Aria Group Architects, we were able to enhance the outdoor experience without compromising the Napa-style design.

By installing three retractable roofs over the outdoor patio we were able to equip Cooper’s Hawk Winery with a feature that would keep guests comfortable during high noon and rainfall. This not only translates to excellent customer satisfaction, but it ensures that the restaurant can operate at full capacity.

Cooper’s Hawk in Oak Lawn Illinois has created an outdoor experience that encourages guests to savour every moment of their visit without worrying about what mother nature may throw their way.