Claremont is a unique Southern California oasis with a vibrant downtown, surrounded by The Claremont Colleges. Well-known for charming tree-lined streets and residents with doctoral degrees, the city is aptly nicknamed ‘The City of Trees and PhDs’.

Located in the scenic Claremont Village is Bardot Restaurant. This chic eatery offers casual California cuisine plated with flair and highlights fresh, seasonal local favorites. Diners can choose from a variety of enticing plates such as goat cheese lollipops, a Baltimore crab burger, and the infamous ‘kitchen sink burrito’. Found off the extensive menu is every patron’s request, to be seated on the spacious outdoor patio.

The patio was originally covered with a series of sheer canvas pieces that suspended along numerous cable wires. Unable to provide enough coverage from the sun, the patio was also dotted with umbrellas. However, during inclement weather or particularly hotter days, the combination still fell short. Looking for a foolproof alternative, Bardot contacted ShadeFX.

“My patio is operating much more than before. I had a cable shade system that didn’t protect from rain. ShadeFX was the only product that provided rain protection without a slope. It was the perfect solution to what was a big problem.”

– Alain Fournier, Owner, Bardot

ShadeFX customized and installed three 24’ x 14’ motorized retractable canopies, protecting approximately 60 patio seats. The waterproof, fire retardant Serge Ferrari Champagne fabric allows the use of heaters underneath, surrounded by stylish string lighting. Adapting to the existing structure, ShadeFX built notched gutters for a watertight seal and painted them light ivory.

“ShadeFX was a great company to work with. They helped with the design of the structure and were always quick to respond to questions. The finished installation is fantastic to look at and it operates perfectly.”

– Michael J Gatti, Contractor, Japec LLC

Now with an expansive, protected patio, Bardot is undeniably one of the best restaurants in Claremont. Whether it’s a bountiful brunch or a satisfying dinner, enjoying a meal on the alfresco patio is a must in this quaint town newly nicknamed ‘The City of Trees, PhDs’ and retractable canopies.’

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