Sushi has quickly become a popular dish and one of the most extensively eaten foods across North America. Served raw sashimi style or rolled up with fresh ingredients, this Japanese specialty continues to evolve with ingenious chefs creating a unique and flavourful dining experience.

Just minutes away from Wisconsin State Capitol, RED Madison has lucratively created a delectable sushi menu inspired by modern cuisine. Working from the three principles which encouraged the restaurant name RED, refreshing, elegant and delicious, this restaurant has a plethora of signature, seasonal and classic rolls.

With maximum flavorful combinations, the small outdoor seating area desperately needed an expansion to accommodate the influx of loyal customers and eager newcomers.

Originally contacting ShadeFX in 2016, this project went through standard city snags and multiple design changes. Usage of the neighboring courtyard needed approval from surrounding businesses and the building developers. It also required the removal of existing city trees where the structure now stands.

“A restaurant’s outdoor dining has to be as beautiful and inviting as the restaurant’s interior. Atmosphere is a major part of the guests’ experience and it is our responsibility to create the ambiance for our guests – whether they are dining inside or outdoors. When we decided to invest in an outdoor structure for our courtyard patio, we knew we wanted something special to complete our vision. We were searching for a product that was aesthetically beautiful and would protect our guests from the sun and rain.

We decided to work with ShadeFX because of their sleek design, minimalistic approach, easy-to-clean material, positive reviews from past customers, and, of course, pricing. The entire experience from start to finish was seamless. ShadeFX is professional and organized. The design, manufacturing, and installation was handled with attention and detail and the final installation was completed within our given time frame. We are so proud to offer a unique outdoor dining space to our guests. Thank you, ShadeFX!”

– Tanya Zhykharevich, President, RED Madison

ShadeFX manufactured and installed a custom structure, including three bays each measuring 16’ x 18’. Powder-coated a dark grey, the structures include a lower gutter beam for better rain management that also doubles as support for electric infrared heaters. Each motorized retractable canopy is manufactured using Arcade FR Bone, a fire retardant, waterproof fabric. The design also includes integrated string lighting throughout and speakers to elevate consumer comfort and experience.

Today, the new outdoor seating provides an additional 60 seats and a prominent place for those casually passing by. The flexibility of sunshine during lunch and dinner hours, or protection from occasional showers provides an excellent seating atmosphere. There is a sushi dish for every pallet at the new RED courtyard.

Photography credit: @CrystalKCreative

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