ShadeFX Answers Top 6 FAQs of 2020

Are you considering improving the look, feel, and functionality of your backyard? Many homeowners are opting for retractable shade as a way to protect themselves from the sun and rain and improve the aesthetics of their deck or patio. If you are considering using our retractable solutions for your outdoor space but have questions, we’ve got answers to six of the most common queries of 2020.

1. Where are you located?

ShadeFX is based in Ontario, Canada but we service all of North America. Whether you’re a homeowner in San Diego or a restaurant operator in Toronto, we strive to deliver top-shelf service and provide consistent attention to detail on every project. If you are located outside of North America, we can help with logistics. Having doubts working with a non-local company? Let us dispel any myths you may have with reliable feedback from dozens of our international customers.

2. I want to cover my outdoor space, what are my options?

ShadeFX solutions typically require an overhead structure such as a pergola, arbor, or trellis for mounting. If you already have an outdoor structure, ShadeFX can customize a retractable shade to fit. If you’re in the planning stages, ShadeFX can help with structure design, ensuring optimal coverage and performance when applying the shade system.

In addition, we offer custom structure kits as a turn-key coverage solution. Just like the retractable shades, our outdoor structures are custom designed to fit your space. The commercial grade aluminum structures are integrated with our shades and can be paired with curtains, roll down screens, and heaters.

3. What about protection on the sides?

Side protection and privacy are an important element of completing an outdoor space and ShadeFX has a couple of solutions. We offer stylish and functional pergola curtains constructed from the same fabric used to make our canopies. Our curtains secure in place during windy conditions and can be easily opened from inside or outside.

ShadeFX also offers retractable screens. The automated screens can be controlled with wall-mounted and handheld remotes, as well as by a smartphone app. Customers can choose from fabric, mesh, and vinyl that can provide solar heat control, natural ventilation, and climate control.

4. Do you provide site assessments, installation, or maintenance?

Yes, ShadeFX provides site assessments and installation services. We have a team of skilled service technicians who can visit the site to take precise measurements of the space and structure. Our team will coordinate the delivery of your retractable shade solution, meeting the shipment onsite. Once the shipment is inspected and given the all-clear, the team will unload the materials and begin the install.

In terms of maintenance, our team will take the time to teach you how to use, care for, and store your shade. Having said that, our systems are designed to be virtually maintenance-free. From time to time, it is advised to inspect the shade to remove any dirt, dust, or debris that may settle. This will help maintain the shade’s fabric color as well as lengthen the life of the system.

Need more information on our white glove service? Click here.

5. What’s the lead time?

Lead time varies on the product type you’ve ordered, the number of orders to be fulfilled ahead of yours, or backorders of material. General timelines are as follows:

Retractable Canopy: three to four weeks

Retractable Roof: six to eight weeks

Custom Structures: eight to twelve weeks

Curtains: four to five weeks

Our Never Too Early to Get Started blog, gives a full break down of phases when ordering a retractable shade. From concept to delivery, the timeline typically takes between 6 to 13 weeks.

When ordering the complete custom solution with shade and structure, Part 2 of our blog edition further outlines the entire process.

6. How do the canopies hold up against the wind?

ShadeFX retractable solutions are tested in up to 80+ mph winds. To provide a comparison, that is similar to the wind rating of a Category 1 Hurricane which has sustained winds from 74-95 mph. Read about how our shades stood up to the high winds of Hurricane Sandy in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. However, we still highly recommend that shades be retracted in higher winds, or winds constantly exceeding 35mph, especially when not in use. This is because most damage is the result of airborne debris.

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