ShadeFX Top Projects for 2020

Despite the challenges presented by the ongoing pandemic, the year 2020 has offered some thread of a silver lining as we adapt to the ever-changing “new normal.” For some businesses, it meant a chance for improvement as they augmented their business plan and outdoor amenities. For homeowners, it presented an opportunity to reconnect with family and nature by transforming their new or existing outdoor spaces into the ultimate staycation paradise. Whether commercial or residential, when it came to outdoor renovations, ShadeFX was there to help. Let’s take a look at our top projects for 2020.

1. Freestanding Retractable Canopy, Lake Simcoe

freestanding retractable canopy
Freestanding Retractable Canopy, Lake Simcoe

The backyard of a beautiful home in Brechin, Ontario was redesigned to take full advantage of its impressive waterfront views. It features a large water-facing patio with a contemporary spa and pool. The endless glass railing provides clear sights whether inside the pool or out. The modern freestanding canopy protects the perfect spot for hanging out before and after a swim. ShadeFX’s low-maintenance cantilevered system provides maximum coverage to the large rattan sofa, the concrete firepit, and anyone who sits beneath it.

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2. Retractable Roof, Etobicoke

retractable roof
Retractable Roof, Etobicoke

Homeowners in Toronto, Ontario designed a beautiful outdoor kitchen and dining area in their backyard. The space is a complete oasis with a fire pit, swim spa, and an automated retractable roof. ShadeFX customized the motorized shade in a waterproof and fireproof Serge Ferrari Velvet Red fabric complementing the bold décor found throughout the backyard. It was then installed on the homeowners’ white pergola protecting the kitchen and dining space from sun and rain. The automated roof can be operated using a tablet, smartphone, or voice commands from at home or away.

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3. The Back Alley

The Back Alley
The Back Alley Bar

The Back Alley Bar in St. Thomas used the lockdown period to take their outdoor dining experience to a whole new level. The full-service restaurant and lounge undertook the renovations, extending a patio into the parking lot to create additional outdoor seating. For the new area, ShadeFX customized a white three-bay structure that was installed by the restaurant owner and his son. Three motorized canopies in the waterproof and fire-retardant Serge Ferrari Victoria Blue fabric were also mounted over each bay, offering their patrons the best outdoor weather protection.

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4. Retractable Shade, Chicago

retractable shade
Retractable Shade, Chicago

Moving over to Chicago, Illinois, these homeowners created a modern outdoor haven on their unique deck space. The space features an outdoor kitchen and bar area, a mounted tv over the fireplace, and a spacious outdoor living room. Instead of completely closing off the area with a fixed roof, they opted for a white motorized retractable shade. With only a single beam down the middle for the canopy, the homeowners can relax under an open sky without their view being hindered.

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5. Retractable Canopy, Markham

retractable canopy
Retractable Canopy, Markham

Return ShadeFX customers in Markham, Ontario wanted to keep enjoying their summers with robust rain and sun protection over their outdoor dining area. They replaced their 11-year-old canopy with a new but identical version, giving the same look they’ve come to know and love. The new motorized canopy is paired with coordinating outdoor curtains around the wooden pergolas, giving that soft look around the posts. Once again, no rain, sun or wind, can pose any threat during the family’s lunchtime conversation or dinnertime meals.

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6. Retractable Canopy, Cincinnati

retractable canopy
Retractable Canopy, Cincinnati

A beautiful red brick three-story home in Cincinnati, Ohio utilizes ShadeFX’s custom structure and retractable canopy combo on its roof deck terrace. Originally a horse livery from 1880, the home underwent major renovations on the inside and out. All that was needed to complete the outdoor space was a reliable shade to battle the afternoon sun. The homeowners wanted the sleek modern look of our aluminum structure, which was powder-coated black. It was then paired with a manual water-repellent shade in HarbourTime Alpine White fabric for that black and white contrast identical to the colour scheme of the house.

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7. Kissing Canopies, Mississauga

Kissing Canopies, Mississauga

Nothing is more disappointing than having a beautifully renovated backyard that can’t be used because of the hot sun and its harmful UV rays. Homeowners in Mississauga, Ontario knew they needed to add shade to their backyard to prevent this experience. For the outdoor dining and seating area, ShadeFX specified two retractable canopies in a neutral Sunbrella Cloud fabric. The canopies were installed in a ‘kissing orientation’, meaning they could be retracted away from each other. The final result? The freedom to use their new outdoor space, regardless of the weather conditions.

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8. Joia on Main

Joia on Main
Joia on Main

Serving up authentic Italian cuisine in New Market, Ontario, Joia on Main is the second branch of the family-owned business. It has a massive patio overlooking the Riverwalk Commons, which is the main highlight and drawing feature for its patrons. The property initially had table umbrellas, but the owners knew they needed a robust and versatile weather protection system for their customers during the sun, rain, and colder seasons. ShadeFX manufactured and installed three sleek and modern structures complete with retractable roofs over the patio. The motorized shades give them control over their patrons’ outdoor experience, offering them cool dining during the day and night.

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9. Retractable Canopies, Langley

Retractable Canopies, Langley

This beautiful backyard in Langley offers panoramic views of the North Shore mountains in British Columbia. The homeowners made good use of the space by integrating multiple relaxation areas amongst its lush, green landscaping. Due to the rainy weather, they were eager to add weather protection over the outdoor dining area and the hot tub. To their existing pergolas, ShadeFX customized two water-repellent retractable canopies in the same HarbourTime Edge Driftwood fabric. Whether relaxing in the hot tub or having an alfresco meal, the homeowners no longer have to worry about the rain spoiling the mood.

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10. Shade Structure, Vineland

shade structure
Retractable Shade Structure, Vineland

Homeowners in Vineland, Ontario could not be happier with the outdoor structure and canopy they ordered from ShadeFX. They have a large, south-facing concrete patio in Niagara that was unusable at certain times of the day. ShadeFX provided a site assessment and the installation of the aluminum-grade shade structure which was painted a sleek black. The homeowners chose a neutral water-resistant Sunbrella Crest Ash shade fabric, giving the space a modern look. Adding the solution instantly enhances the homeowners’ comfort, allowing them to make full use of the space any time of the day or night.

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ShadeFX was happy to be a part of these amazing outdoor renovation projects. Whether you are a DIY-er, working with a design/build professional, or prefer ShadeFX to do it all, we are happy to help.