Planning an Outdoor Space: ‘Could Haves’ Make Ordinary Spaces Extraordinary!

When it comes to planning an outdoor space, the sky is the limit. Elaborate kitchens, large dining areas, water features, a fire pit or a fully equipped bar are some of the things homeowners have included in their outdoor design. 

Opportunities are endless, considering of course you have an unlimited budget, an expansive space and possess the knowledge of fifty-one experienced contractors; the backyard paradise you always dreamed about is possible. For those of us unlucky to have yet hit the jackpot, choosing a ‘could-have’ becomes a very important decision.  But don’t get stressed out, this is the fun part!

The ‘could-have’ or ‘could-haves’, you eventually decide upon will be the focal point of your space, or the facilitator of your new outdoor lifestyle. In this article, I list a few products that can really pack a punch in any space. Consider what you personally want as a ‘could-have’, but keep in mind your budget, your space and your climate, we didn’t spend all that pre-planning time for nothing!

Retractable Roofs
navy blue canopy on a pergola over top an outdoor dining area

Retractable roofs are the ideal solution for providing coverage when you need it. With the push of a button you can let the sunshine in or cover your world from the rain and rays. This product can be extended at different lengths, giving you the power to ‘control’ the weather. A strategically placed retractable roof can help lower air conditioning bills in the summer and also allow winter sun to warm your house during frigid winter months.

Outdoor Televisions
Outdoor Structure with Weather Proof Television, Seating Area and Fireplace
Cedar Springs Landscape Group

Thinking about adding an outdoor television for catching fall football games, enjoying family movie nights, or entertaining friends and family? Weatherproof TVs are made to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. If you want all the bells and whistles, outdoor speakers are also available to give you the sound for that big game or outdoor party. Consider an outdoor TV mount to maintain square footage and multiple viewpoints. Weatherproof remote controls and weatherproof outdoor covers for additional protection are other options you may want to consider.

Heaters/Air Conditioners
Fan and heater fixed to an outdoor structure
Alderwood Landscaping

Being able to control the temperature of your outdoor space allows you to bring the comfort of your home outside. Electric, propane and natural gas patio heaters can be mounted on walls or ceilings. If you prefer free standing portable heaters, table top heaters or decorative lamps, you need to consider how existing furniture and accessories already influence the way people utlize the space. If unbearable heat is an issue, air conditioning units, overhead fans, portable evaporative coolers and misting systems can lower temperatures, transforming outdoor space into soothing, cool retreats. Equipping an outdoor structure, such as a pergola, with any of these outdoor accessories is the best way to maintain the square footage. This will also allow you to install a ShadeFX Topside Canopy. Affixed to the top of a pergola, the topside does not interfere with any outdoor accessories and still provides total coverage whenever you need it.

Dining Area
Outdoor Structure with dining area, lights and curtains
Urban Colony

Planning a stylish and functional dining area for barbecues, neighbourhood parties, sipping morning coffee or a romantic evening under the stars, is an essential function of your outdoors space. Create an area that is quiet, comfortable, and private. Add shelter with a pergola, canopy, or umbrella. Include elegant lighting, a cozy outdoor rug to define the space, and a heating element for cool evenings. Inject your own personal style with selected furniture and unique accessory choices.

Outdoor Structure with fireplace and seating area
Green Apple Design

Whether you want to roast marshmallows with the kids or enjoy a romantic night of stargazing, the ambience, warmth, and comfort of an outdoor fireplace offers an outdoor living experience that will last well into the colder months. A fireplace is not only perfect for creating a warm and inviting space, but can also provide a dramatic and stunning focal point for your outdoor living room. Modern, traditional, rustic and eclectic fireplaces are available in a wide range of materials including stone, cast iron, brick or clay. Outdoor fireplaces add function, value, and style to any home.

Keep these “could haves” in mind during the planning phase. These extra features made specifically for the outdoors will help you create the perfect place to relax and unwind when you need an escape from todays hectic world.