Five Tips For Creating The Ultimate Outdoor Dining Experience

Are you ready for summer entertaining in your backyard or outdoor space? The arrival of warm weather makes entertaining or holding a dinner party outdoors a top priority for many homeowners. How can you get your outdoor space in tip top shape and ready for dinner under the sun and stars? Here are five tips for optimizing your outdoor dining experience al fresco.

Amp up the ambiance

Introduce ambient lighting around your dining area. A string of lights along a nearby wall or along the rail of a pergola or porch top can add the perfect amount of intimate lighting for evening soirées. Alternately, you could use lanterns or hurricane lamps along the table to create a warm glow. If you are considering a pergola for your outdoor dining area, look into options that allow you to add light accessories directly into the structure of the pergola.

Protect your dining area from the weather

You don’t want to pass out rain checks on your first dinner party of the summer. Investing in a retractable canopy can make any space weatherproof. These options can work with a pergola, as an awning, or with an array of other outdoor structures. Plus, if you’re having a summer tea in the afternoon, a canopy allows you to indulge in as much or as little sun as you like.

Create a defined space

A canopy can also go a long way toward creating structure to a space and defining your dining area as an outdoor room and true extension of your home. In addition to a canopy, consider using suggestive boundaries, such as screens or a row of plants to demarcate a space and give it an architectural structure.

Decorate your dining area in tandem with your home

You want your dining area to function as a part of your home, so decorate and accessorize it in keeping with the look and style of your home. Use similar patterns and colors and make sure that the overall aesthetic reflects the essence of your home’s interior.

Experiment with your furniture options

Who said that a dining area has to involve a dining table and chairs. Consider creating a lounge area where your guests can relax and enjoy canapés or tapas-style dining. You might also considering leveraging an outdoor bar with a counter space, adding another level to your entertaining and your diners’ experience.

Outdoor dining and entertaining can be the ultimate summer experience. Before setting up your first dinner party of the season, make sure your outdoor space is primed to deliver the best experience to you and your guests. Got any tips of your own on outdoor entertaining? Let us know in the comment section below.