ShadeFX Spotlight: The Brew Wizards of ‘Oz’ got these beers ‘Covered’

For those in the Queen West community,  it was never about fitting in or following the crowd. Instead, ideas flowed freely, dreams and realities crafted from inspiration and ingenuity, there was never a right or wrong way, just always a way.

The Ossington neighbourhood, a microcosm of this district, is a reflection of this unwavering faith, a radiant collection of people and places determined to create, express and enjoy. And so, in 2012 two former brewers turned twenty-first century entrepreneurial beer barons did what felt right and opened the Bellwoods Brewery.

Their purpose: create and share a range of locally brewed craft beers for locals to embrace and enjoy.

Pushed back from the street, a defunct auto repair shop was retrofitted into a fully functioning liquid laboratory. The buildings unassuming exterior and white picket fence guided guests into a space adorned with simple industrial aesthetic. This was complimented by 20-foot high stainless steel fermenting tanks which served as the brewer’s beakers. The space quickly became apart of the neighbourhoods social fabric, a gathering spot stimulating the senses and tickling the palette with a magic touch from the local ‘Witchshark’. In order to solidify its place in the ‘Oz’, Bellwoods determinedly set out to reconnect its humble exterior with the street.

The expansive front lot of the former auto garage would be turned into an outdoor patio, spreading the good vibes from the brewery’s interior to the street. Working together with the pioneering beer makers, we proposed a large steel framed pergola to cover the 26’X 20′ area with a motorized underside canopy system.  Neither rain nor heat would stop the good vibes and beers from flowing at the Bellwoods Brewery.

After a lengthy permit approval process, ShadeFX contracted the entire installation, including the sinking of foundation footings, erecting of steel pergola frame and installation of the canopy system.  To keep the transition from the interior to exterior harmonious, we paired the painted walls of the new courtyard with a matching almond fabric canopy. As a commercial installation, waterproof and fire resistant fabric was a must. The addition of rain troughs and high power radiant heaters complete the practical needs of the space, lighting provided the finishing touch. Their well-crafted beer and the addition of our ShadeFX canopy has turned Bellwoods Brewery into one of the coolest winter patios in Toronto.

Similar to us here at ShadeFX, Bellwoods Brewery liked winter patios before winter patios were cool.

To good times, good friends, fine pints and year-round patio coverage!

Cheers Bellwoods Brewery.