Going Bold with Fabric Colours

For decades, outdoor design trends have veered towards neutral palettes. But in recent months, there has been a lean towards bolder and brighter colours. With this trend set to continue in 2020, why not add pop of colour to your backyard, starting with your retractable shade solution?

Our retractable canopies not only offer homeowners function in bringing valuable shade to their backyards, but they also add style. Depending on your preference, ShadeFX stocks an array of fabric colours ranging from calming sky blue to fiery logo red. All of our fabric lines have different levels of rain and sun protection: more information here.

Once settled on the fabric line, here comes the fun part: choosing the fabric colour for your retractable shade. Some individuals are afraid of bold colour choices like red, green or orange. However, when utilized in a subtle yet stylish manner, you’ll be able to transform your outdoor area into something really special.

You can also combine bold colors with neutral accessories and furnishings. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, mix bold colours together. Here are a few stand out colours that will help you get started with ideas.

Fiery Red

red fabric colour

Nothing says bold more than a hot, fiery red fabric. It is the most forceful of all of the colours. It represents youthful excitement and as seen in this project in North York. It’s a great accent colour for outdoor kitchens. The red canopy pairs well with the slate grey structure, complimenting the stainless-steel kitchen appliances. The red barstools were also a nice touch to complete the landscape.

Soothing Blue

Cool colours like blues and purples are soothing and familiar. Blue, from sky to cobalt to nautical, is a top pick for homeowners who want to add a bit of colour, but not go overboard. Choosing the right shade of blue can allow you to have a space that stands out. The natural brown wooden pergola and raised deck is the perfect platform to showcase the strong Capri Sunbrella fabric.

Peaceful Green

Green is serene: A colour that signifies peace, growth and health. Depending on the shade you choose, a green canopy needs neutral furniture to compliment the design. The light grey and white tones allow the Sea Grass Green fabric to pop on this residential pergola. Since most pergolas can be found in the backyard of residential homes, the outdoor foliage maybe enough in terms of accessorizing.

Confident Orange

orange fabric colour

Similar to red, orange is another bold colour that exudes confidence. It can also be considered a friendly and cheerful hue. A poolside shade solution in Brampton pairs the bright waterproof, fire-retardant Ferrari Carrot fabric with a deep brown wooden pergola. To balance out the design, neutral coloured furniture and accessories were used. The light grey concrete pavers act as a stark contrast to the warm tones, allowing the pergola-covered space to be the center of attention.

Understated Pastels

While pastel colours aren’t categorized as vibrant when it comes to choosing fabrics for a retractable canopy, they can be a bold choice. Homeowners in Wasaga Beach stayed within the green family but went for a pastel Sunbrella Sea fabric. Completely surrounded by lush, green gardens, the light calming colour remarkably stands out. In addition, the light wooden pergola pairs nicely with its soft demeanour.

Dominant Stripes

If you chose to go with a striped coloured canopy, you have already stepped into the “going bold zone”. Yes, while you can stay safe with matching neutrals like white and grey or dark green and cream, there are other adventurous pairings you could try. For example, the Rockefeller Center chose a very classic black and white striped canopy for The Plaza. While in Oakville, Ontario, a homeowner opted for the eye-catching Sunbrella motive denim to complete their space. With hues of blue being the dominant colour, small accent cushions helped add more vibrancy to the space.

With 150+ swatches, the sky is the limit for colour choices. Don’t be afraid to go bold and have fun choosing your canopy fabric.

Put your own personal stamp on your backyard. The ShadeFX team can help.