This is undeniably the finest piece of real estate on the planet, and ShadeFX is proud to have been involved in the House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year display that occupied The Plaza at Rockefeller Center during the summer of 2011.

Our involvement was initiated by Sunbrella as one of the sponsors of the showcase. When they recognized there would be a pergola in the design and the area under it was ideal for sun and rain protection, they asked ShadeFX to be a part of the project.

We were thrilled to participate and provided three retractable patio covers to make up this arrangement, covering a total of 465 square feet. The canopies are operating side by side and the stabilizers are set well inside the wingtips so they are hard to see. This emphasizes how well the canopy systems integrate into and compliment the pergola structure.

These photos show ShadeFX in its full glory, protecting spectacular outdoor events from the extremes of weather, rain or shine!