outdoor dining

Setting the Perfect Outdoor Dining Space

Outdoor dining combines the freedom of the outdoors with the comfort of a…

UV Exposure

UV Exposure and the Need for Shade

We are surrounded by ultraviolet rays whenever we go outside – even on the…

fabric lines

ShadeFX Fabric Guide: Finding the Perfect Fit

Fabric colors and patterns present the opportunity to transform any…

drive types

Exploring the Drive Types: Manual, Rope and Motor

ShadeFX is an innovative and simple sun, rain and privacy solution. Fully…


Covering the Competition:
ShadeFX vs. Competitors

Searching online for a retractable shade, retractable cover, pergola cover…

Covering the Competition:
ShadeFX vs. Pavilions

An outdoor structure can add instant life and elegance to your deck or…

Freestanding Canopy

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ShadeFX vs. Umbrellas

ShadeFX’s newest product is the Freestanding Retractable Canopy System.…

retractable canopies

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ShadeFX vs. Sun Sails

The latest backyard shade solution is tensioned fabric in triangular or…

Retractable Canopies

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ShadeFX vs. Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings are considered a cheaper alternative to ShadeFX…

irregular pergolas

Retractable Shades Customized to Fit Irregular Pergolas

Who do you call when you build a pergola that isn’t perfectly square or…