The Port Pub & Bistro in Port Williams, Nova Scotia, is a popular restaurant that offers guests and locals a unique dining experience. Situated on the banks of the Gaspereau River, the pub features fresh seafood, local craft beer, and live music events. The restaurant’s outdoor patio is a key feature, providing customers with stunning views of the surrounding countryside. However, the patio was often too hot and the existing umbrellas brought little comfort to their customers. To address this issue, The Port Pub & Bistro engaged ShadeFX to provide retractable shade solutions.

The ShadeFX team worked closely with TimberhArt Woodworks Limited, which designed the structures to fit the canopies. As the name suggests, TimberhArt specializes in timber frame construction with more than 30 years under their belts. ShadeFX manufactured one 16’x14′, one 16’x12′, and two 10’x12′ manual canopies in a Serge Ferrari Buttercup fabric. The canopies were designed to withstand the restaurant’s windy location, with extra wings and c-channel stabilizers added to combat the strong gusts.

“From initial inquiry to ordering and installation everything proceeded smoothly. Customers enjoy being outside with the ShadeFX roof overhead, beyond the benefits of shelter from the sun and light rain.”

– David Acton, Owner

The area was unfortunately hit by Hurricane Fiona, which brought winds up to 90 km per hour. The restaurant’s owner secured the canopies prior by strapping them down. Thankfully, the retractable systems survived the hurricane and still work well for the restaurant.

Retractable canopies have entirely transformed the restaurant’s outdoor space, providing customers with a comfortable, shaded area to enjoy their meals even on sunny days. Each canopy can be independently retracted, extended or stopped at any position along the track, giving patrons full, partial or open skies as needed.

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