Sitting on a thin strip of land between Lake Sallie and Lake Melissa, just south and a bit west of Detroit Lakes, is a restaurant steeped in rich history.

Dating back to 1910, the Hotel Shoreham began as an open-air meeting hall for a business that rented out cabins. Through the decades, it served as a hotel, restaurant, drive-in restaurant with carhops, resort, and an apartment building.

Today, Hotel Shoreham is a bar, bistro, and pizzeria, serving up excellent food in a casual atmosphere that embodies the lake’s lifestyle.

Its recent renovation sought to enhance customer experience while maintaining the nostalgia patrons have come to know and love. Management hired architect Craig Helenske of Helenske Design Group to spearhead the job.

Known for providing high-quality designs that skillfully blend aesthetics, function, and value, the architect created a timeless outdoor dining and entertainment space. With limited space on the inside, the aim of the project was to expand the restaurant’s footprint, providing a place for more customers to dine in and to facilitate live entertainment, even during inclement weather.

As a result, a new 2,400 sq ft space was created spanning between the original restaurant and an outdoor bar. To ensure they had the option of weather protection or open-air dining when needed, the architect contacted ShadeFX. To cover the new 40′ x 60′ area, ShadeFX manufactured six 24’ x 18’ retractable canopies complete with rain gutters. The waterproof and fire-retardant Arcade Radiant Taupe was chosen for the canopy fabric, making way for overhead heaters to be added.

“Everyone is very happy with the addition and the customers rave about the shade.”

“The project has been highly praised by the customers, Scott the manager jokes that we did too good a job, “Nobody wants to eat inside anymore! Thanks for your participation/support.”

– Craig Helenske, Architect

Along with its deep roots in history, Hotel Shoreham offers its customers food, pizza, and drinks, with a side order of live music. Topped with motor-operated canopies, the new outdoor area is well protected from impending weather.

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