Six Reasons to Consider Hiring a Landscape Architect

Do I need a landscape architect for my backyard project? It is a question that often comes up for homeowners who want to construct or remodel their outdoor area. Few people realize how complicated the whole building process might be until they are knee-deep in design options, building codes, permitting requirements, hiring contractors, and so on.

A landscape architect is a professional who is educated, trained, and licensed to work on the planning and design of outdoor spaces. They lead the process of creating functional areas, from concept to completion. They focus on the big picture, considering your entire property as well as your surroundings. If you are still on the fence, here are six reasons why you should consider hiring a landscape architect for your next outdoor project.

1. From Ideas to Reality

Your landscape architect will design, in close consultation with you, the most appealing and practical backyard. They will customize the space to your individual needs, working with you to ensure that your backyard serves you now and well into the future. They are trained to not only bring your ideas to life but to make sure they work together in a cohesive and functional design. If you are not sure what you want, that is okay too. Landscape architects will guide you through the process, offering suggestions and solutions along the way to create an outdoor space that is beautiful and uniquely yours.

2. Know What you Are Getting

Using the latest technologies, landscape architects and their teams can help you experience your space before any money is spent. They can present your design in virtual reality, 3D drawings, and even interactive designs. This way you could get a relatively accurate look and feel of the space before construction begins. This is the perfect opportunity to speak up about anything you don’t like. Any changes can, and should, be made on paper. You want to avoid making costly changes well into the construction phase of your project.

3. Predictive Intuition

Landscape architects are trained to foresee any future problems that may occur during the renovation. They have the expertise to know what problems may occur from the paper stage. Even during construction phases, they serve as extra eyes and ears, looking ahead and anticipating obstacles you and the contractor may not see coming.

4. Can Save You Money

Looking ahead to circumvent any potentially expensive problems can help save you money. Also, landscape architects help you set a practical and rational budget from the beginning and guide you through the planning process. They work to manage the project and keep expenses within your budget. Landscape architects are also knowledgeable about the cost of materials and items and can recommend more affordable options that give the same look and feel but do not break the bank.

5. Make Construction Easier

Construction can be a long process that can be messy and disruptive. A landscape architect’s services can continue way after the plans have been developed and can be the ones that take on most of the stress. Most architects have a network of contractors they work with and, as such, can recommend qualified construction professionals based on budget and project requirements, easing the selection process. Afterward, they may act on your behalf overseeing the entire remodeling phase, inspecting work right through to ensure you get the quality and level of finishes you expect.

6. Return on Investment

Hiring a landscape architect is an investment but one that usually pays off in the long run. Research shows that well-landscaped homes are worth anywhere from 1% to 10% more than a comparable home with no landscaping. A landscape architect is trained to not only beautify and extend your living space but to design an outdoor living space that will add value to your home. With time, your mature trees, flourishing garden, and fenced-in yard are more appealing to the next buyer than a bare backyard.

Whether remodeling, adding on, or building from scratch, landscape architects can help guide the way to a well-designed backyard that meets your needs, budget, and timeframe.

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