ShadeFX Makes a Splash in Aqua Magazine

Aqua Magazine is one of the top resources for retailers, builders and service professionals in the pool and spa industry. The monthly online publication provides content about new and trendy products, keeps its readers informed through industry news, and offers business advice.

In its November 2017 edition, Aqua Magazine focused on a topic that was right under our canopy: poolside shade solutions. Titled “Making the Shade”, the article highlighted the opportunity shade structures offer around the pool, such as added revenue in commercial applications, and additional design substance to any poolside space.

Veteran writer/editor of the magazine, Eric Herman, reached out to experts in the shade industry including, of course, ShadeFX.

The article emphasizes that shade is one of the most important elements of a functional exterior design. Depending on the design and function of the shade, it can provide relief from the heat, shelter from rain, and protection from UV rays.

In addition, it stated that shaded areas were often a popular gathering spot in the yard, garden or deck. For businesses like restaurants, bars or hotels, having shaded areas for dining and relaxing, can help bolster their bottom line.

If you think about it, we spend most of our time in the shade and if you’re hanging out by the pool all day, shade will be a natural companion. It can be seamlessly incorporated into aquatic design schemes visually as well as functionally.

To help drive home this point, three of ShadeFX’s upscale poolside projects were featured: a home in Beverly Hills, the Cabana Pool Bar in Toronto, and the Level Furnished Living apartments in Los Angeles.

However, for all of its importance, creative possibilities and revenue potential, shade is often an afterthought. The need for it only becomes obvious once the customer realizes they can’t enjoy their outdoor space because it’s too hot, or too wet. This is where ShadeFX steps in.

One of the many benefits of having a ShadeFX retractable canopy is its versatility. Residential and commercial clients have the option of covering up or letting the sun shine through. This adaptability runs through the veins of all ShadeFX products including the recently launched freestanding retractable canopy. Its robust sun and rain protection can be fully or partially retracted to provide desired coverage at any time of the day. Recent projects in Hamilton and Milton serve as a great example of the value the system delivers in poolside application.

There is also a growing awareness and concern surrounding UV rays, and the potential harm they pose. Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of the damaging effects possible from extended periods of direct UV exposure. To help mitigate the risk, Sunbrella fabric, one of the many fabric lines available at ShadeFX, has been certified by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an aid in the prevention of sun-induced damage to the skin as a part of a complete sun protection regimen.

It’s apparent whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, shade is important. It’s okay that it wasn’t a part of the initial design and construction, ShadeFX retractable canopies can be easily integrated into any existing design scheme, and structure. Contact us today.