ShadeFX Canopies Featured in Trends Magazine!

ShadeFX canopies have been featured in an outdoor living spotlight article in Trends magazine. Trends is published in United States, New Zealand, Australia, the Gulf of Asia, and India, showcasing inspiring home and architectural design projects from around the world.

We work with landscape designers and architects regularly and there is no doubt the talent developed in their years of schooling can go a long way toward beautifully applying pergolas and retractable canopies as a central element in a total landscape project. However, when you look at our photo gallery, the emphasis of the photos is on the ShadeFX canopy system, with the landscape project in the background and mostly not visible at all. Sometimes it’s for the privacy of the customer that we keep our camera lenses focused, but mostly it’s because we make retractable canopies, and we are taking pictures of our product which is near and dear to our hearts.

At the same time, you don’t take a picture of the one you love at Niagara Falls without also taking a picture of the falls, or in this case, Beverly Hills and one of its ‘backyards’. As far as backyards go, this one’s a doozie. That’s an expression born in Hollywood. It comes from the finest car available in the 20’s and 30’s called a Duesenberg (which was made in Indiana), and the expression is apropos in this setting.

The outdoor space demonstrates the full potential of creative genius and artistic endeavor in landscape architecture. The project is designed by Katherine Spitz Associates, and we congratulate her firm and their client for creating an outdoor living space that is beyond description. The pictures show us what it looks like, but to live in and actually use this life size work of art for entertaining and doing laps in the pool.. Well, it would lift the spirit, and that’s what fine landscape architecture is all about. See the project gallery.

We are thrilled that the retractable shade canopies by ShadeFX are a major element of the project. The total area of coverage is 758 sq ft and the canopies are working in harmony with the drop down slim line radiant heaters. The stabilizers are high-tension cables to minimize the overhead structure, and yes, the fabric is white, which kind of makes it look like heaven.

You can view the article in this ebook.

Trends Magazine ShadeFX Canopies

The project was featured in these two magazines, the SouthEast Asia & Gulf and United States editions.