Every year, outdoor dining demands increase as temperatures begin to rise. More than ever, there is an emphasis on expanding and protecting outdoor dining patios. As restaurants resume their operations, new safety spacing protocols naturally result in a reduction of seating capacity. While most establishments scramble to increase and cover their outdoor space, The Back Alley Bar in St. Thomas, Ontario was preparing to install their newly acquired retractable shade structure. 

The full-service restaurant and lounge undertook renovations and upgrades. As part of the project, a patio was extended into the parking lot to create space for additional outdoor seating. Stone columns with concrete caps were built along the perimeter to define the patio. These same columns would ultimately serve as the mounting surface for the shade structure posts. 

“The custom aluminum structure and motorized canopies ordered for The Back Alley Bar and Grill were manufactured to exact specifications and delivered on time. The installation instructions were clear, and it went up as perfect as I imagined. Our customers love the shades as much as we do. Our patio is the hottest hangout in the city. I highly recommend ShadeFX.”

– Rodney Calder, Owner, The Back Alley Bar and Grill

ShadeFX customized a white three-bay structure with each section measuring 16’ x 10’. The owner of the bar and grill took the project into his own hands and installed the shade structure with the help of his son. Three motorized retractable shades are also mounted, creating shade and rain protection. The waterproof and fire-retardant ‘Serge Ferrari Victoria Blue’ complements the spray-painted art along the slate-blue brick wall. 

Featuring daily specials 7 days a week, a DJ on weekends, Karaoke Thursdays, and Live Band events, The Back Alley Bar and Grill caters to everyone. With some renovations, trendy paintings, and an eye-catching shade structure, this place has become a new outdoor hot spot in The Railway City. 

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