Surrounded by vivid green scenery is a setting for great conversation. This outdoor seating structure sits atop a raised deck providing lovely views into the adjacent valley. Fitted with a retractable shade and plump cushions, chit-chat can surely carry through the day and night in this small town called Tillsonburg.

Captured as the essence of Tillsonburg are three words: connected, enriched and inspired. As a result, this charming town has a strong community, an abundance of parks and enterprising history. For this reason, the quality of life is continuously flourishing.

Countryside Landscape experiences the same booming effect. Their high-quality workmanship coupled with their mission to create a dream landscape offer their clientele a memorable experience. Tailoring to their clients, Countryside designed the space to harness sunshine on the main terrace. Specifically, landscape designer Vincent Long planned for a pergola as part of the solution. In order to have complete control over the exposure of the sun, Vincent reached out to ShadeFX.

Through the consultation phase, our Product Specialist was able to recommend design considerations and fulfill various requests including the management of water runoff and overhead clearance. Of course, ShadeFX worked alongside Vincent every step of the way.

ShadeFX customized a 12’ x 12’ manual retractable shade finished in a Harbor-Time Beige Suede. The fabric colour choice wholly matches the house colours and stain of the pergola.

“We’ve assembled dozens of pergolas and outdoor seating structures over the past few years. As a designer, I find that every project has a unique challenge in this circumstance it was overexposure to sun on the main terrace.

This was our first installation using the ShadeFX canopy which was built to fit precisely into the beam space permitted. Our clients honestly love it. It has allowed them to use the space when the sun is too hot, and tucks away seamlessly when they prefer a view of the starry night.

From a contracting perspective, we lean towards using products that are simple to actuate and have profound impact, this is definitely one of those products.”

– Vincent Long, Landscape Designer, Countryside Landscape

Committed to providing a landscape filled with beauty and purpose, Countryside overcame the challenge of excessive sun exposure. The retractable shade solution allows the homeowners to have full control over the sun’s rays. Furthermore, rain or shine the homeowners can fully enjoy the rolling valley views.

Take control over your rainy days or the sun’s rays. Find out how.