Stretching over 38,000 acres of woodland, the town of Grand Valley is a rural area abundant in wildlife, plants and trees. Appropriately nicknamed ‘Nature’s Playground’, this quaint town is located within Dufferin County and embraces the lush Luther Marsh and the meandering Grand River from north to south. The Luther Marsh covers almost 13,000 acres, with a serene 3,500-acre lake within it, making it one of the best bird-watching spots in Ontario.

Also calling this small and picturesque town home, is its population of just under 3,000 residents. People usually move here to enjoy a slower pace of life and the beautiful scenery and peaceful surroundings allow its occupants to feel relaxed and secure.

Moving into their new house, the Novak’s wasted no time in creating an outdoor living space to take advantage of all that ‘Nature’s Playground’ had to offer. Their yard backs on to a large, exposed lot which gives the sun free reign to shine directly on to their newly finished deck. This made it quite difficult for the homeowners and their dog to fully enjoy their afternoon bird-watching.

Looking for a versatile shade solution for their pergola, ShadeFX customized a 12’x8’ manual retractable canopy in Harbor-Time Edge Beige Suede to match the couple’s outdoor furniture. Being in a newly developed residential area with no fences in place, a privacy curtain was also added to facilitate added protection from the harsh afternoon sun.

The Novak’s are a great example of a DIY couple. From start to finish, they tackled this project as a team. They visited ShadeFX’s office in Milton where they met with Product Specialist, Kevin, who showed them a variety of custom solutions to personalize their outdoor living space. Once settled with their choice, the order was placed and put into production.

As soon as their order was ready, the Novak’s travelled to Milton to pick up their system with the intent of installing over the weekend. However, once they arrived home they could barely contain their excitement to see the finished product.

“We want to thank Kevin Hadley from ShadeFX. Kevin was amazing to work with. He walked us through the process of measuring our backyard pergola, while showing us all the different fabric collections, and options available for our underside canopy.

My wife and I picked up our canopy and curtain one afternoon, and we installed it before sunset. The ShadeFX workmanship, 12-year guarantee, and quality certainly shows in their product. We’ve had our ShadeFX canopy, and curtain for over a month now … our family, and dog love it!”

– Alex Novak, Grand Valley, ON

From that day forward, in good times and in bad, ‘til canopy do them part, this handy couple can relax under their pergola knowing that they are protected from sun and rain.

Fancy yourself a DIYer? ShadeFX’s trained specialists will help you every step of the way. Contact us today.