Backyards come in different shapes and sizes. While an oddly shaped space may present challenges, it can make for an interesting design.

Homeowners in Bedford Park, Toronto have an outdoor space that slopes downhill. Keen to make good use of every square foot, they enlisted the help of a local contractor to help bring their ideas to reality.

Included in the final design is a space for outdoor cooking, dining, and relaxing. To incorporate all the design elements, the sloped yard was turned into a three-tier living space with every level seamlessly transitioning into each other.

The first tier is a deck with seating for two and a BBQ ready for grilling. The second level was designed as a dining space, with a modern 6-seater table, custom pergola, and retractable canopy. The ground level is reserved for outdoor couches and chairs.

Incorporating a versatile shade solution from ShadeFX over the dining area was always a part of the design. The homeowners chose the dark Sunbrella Charcoal Grey for the canopy fabric. While the wooden pergola was being built, the 12’x12’ retractable canopy was manufactured to fit the light-toned custom structure. Once completed, our Service Team travelled to the Toronto home to make the install.

The tiered layout separates the living spaces and is further defined by the pergola in the middle. The added retractable shade brings functionality to the dining area. Now the homeowners can dine in the open air with an added layer of sun and rain protection.

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