Backyard renovations are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners look for ways to maximize enjoyment in and around their homes. Whether it’s adding a simple backyard deck or creating complete outdoor living spaces, a defining outdoor structure is commonly incorporated.

Novi, Michigan in Oakland County, is home to Twelve Oaks mall, exceptional schools, and a welcoming community. While there is a debate on where the city’s name originated from, these homeowners agreed on one thing: to include ShadeFX retractable roofs in their backyard project.

The homeowners contracted a local company to renovate their backyard living space. The patio area includes a built-in barbecue, a large stone fireplace, and an outdoor tv. A large pergola is erected over the space and contours around the chimney.

ShadeFX customized three retractable roofs, each measuring 20’ x 8’. The ShadeFX service team installed a roof on each side of the chimney and mounted the third directly in front to accommodate the smokestack. The drive beam, mounting components, and G-channels are painted black to match other project details.

The retractable roofs are controlled by using either the wall switch or MyLink remote control. With a flip of the switch or push of the button, the roofs extend away from the chimney. The Sunbrella Silica Gravel fabric provides nearly 500 square feet of modern protection when extended.

Now with a newly renovated space, the homeowners can choose to comfortably spend their time indoors or out.

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