Retractable overhead coverage is a great way to add versatile shade to any outdoor space. But, choosing between a retractable solution that mounts underneath or over top of the structure can be a challenging decision. Determining which solution is best for a project can vary on a few factors or personal preference.

Located in a popular Toronto neighborhood filled with abundant parkland, East York homeowners created a tranquil green space in the comfort of their backyard.

Looking to remain hands-off, the homeowners searched for a company that provides a full range of services. Thus, allowing ShadeFX to have complete authority. From taking measurements of the pergola, manufacturing the patented system and providing installation of the final product.

The original design called for a retractable canopy that mounts to the underside of the pergola. After further research, the homeowners decided that mounting on the top side of the structure would offer greater benefits.

For maximum coverage for the outdoor living space, the roof provides full protection from post to post.

ShadeFX customized and installed a 10’ x 12’ retractable roof in Sunbrella Black. The track and stabilizers are painted Traffic Black to match the fabric and the furniture in their backyard. Because the system sits on top of the pergola, the addition of lights, fans or speakers can mount freely underneath the rafters and beams to complete the outdoor space.

Now the homeowners can extend or retract the system, providing the perfect amount of warming rays or cooling shade for the living space below.

Whether you prefer a retractable canopy or a retractable roof, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today.