A pergola can complete an outdoor space by adding an appealing and eye-catching feature. However, sometimes the pergola itself also needs to be completed or ‘topped off’ to be fully functional.

Homeowners in Massachusetts developed a patio space with an attached cedar pergola. Beautifully designed with semi stone cladded posts, the pergola lacked functionality for bug filled evenings and rainy mornings.

After some light research, homeowner Jason Coutermarsh reached out to ShadeFX, taking an immediate interest in the retractable roof system.

“Between the harsh afternoon sun and the swam of bugs at dusk, our yard used to be hard to get much use out of. After installing a retractable roof from ShadeFX, the patio became a pleasant spot to hang out even when the sun was at its peak. And since the roof was installed on top of our pergola, we were able to install an outdoor fan underneath to keep the bugs away. Now we’re out there whether it’s raining or sunny with the roof out and enjoying the evening sky with the roof open. The entire process from design through install was painless and straightforward, and the results still look great!”

– Jason Coutermarsh

After a few e-mails and phone calls, ShadeFX customized and installed a 10’ x 14’ retractable roof in a premium Serge Ferrari white fabric. The drive beam, wings and g-channels are powder coated white to match the roof’s fabric. An extra wing and a rear valance were also specified to secure directly to the house, preventing any ‘drip lines’ between.

With an addition of the MyLink app, the retractable roof can be easily operated with a smart phone. Virtually maintenance free, the roof is retracted before winter begins and simply inspected and hosed down at the start of every season.

An instant hit with the homeowners, the patio is now packed with action day and night.

Ready to make proper use of your patio? Let’s get started.