Fairfield County in Connecticut is home to one of the wealthiest communities in the United States. Darien, the smallest town on the ‘Gold Coast’, is filled with country clubs and luxurious estates.

Looking to extend the outdoor living space in this elegant backyard, the homeowners added an Intex Millwork pergola system just steps off the back entrance. A family-owned and operated company, Intex Millwork is committed to providing outstanding products that are built from strong, durable materials. Their low maintenance PVC structures with aluminum reinforcement withstand the elements, are UV resistant and easy to nail, glue, cut, and paint.

The beautifully designed custom structure segregates an outdoor space for a relaxing, yet stimulating day. A large custom stone fireplace is surrounded by comfy lounge seating. For those looking for a little excitement, the ping pong table is steps away. Retractable overhead coverage was added to the pergola, providing protection during periods of inclement weather.

ShadeFX customized a 22’ x 16’ retractable roof in a water-repellant, fire-resistant Firesist Ivory fabric. ShadeFX’s service team traveled to the affluent community and installed the patented system on top of the structure. Matching the PVC Intex structure, the track, stabilizers, and gutters are painted white.

The Intex Pergola is well-matched with a ShadeFX system. The seamless integration allows the homeowners to have the best of both worlds, a beautifully constructed pergola with the option for sun and rain protection.

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