As our customers spend time in their covered outdoor areas, the function of the space may change along with their growing lifestyles.

Return customers, the Kearns, loved the simplicity of the manual retractable shade they purchased and installed in 2015. However, with the change in the function of the space to an outdoor dining area, it was also time to upgrade their retractable shade solution.

To accommodate the new 8-seater dining table, the homeowners contacted ShadeFX for options for upgrading the operation of their existing canopy.

Instead of going for a longer handle or the rope-operated drive, the homeowners opted for the benefits of having a motorized retractable shade and new fabric for their canopy. ShadeFX replaced the Sunbrella Silica Dune fabric on the existing wings and installed the new motorized system at the Newmarket home.

“The installed ShadeFX canopy looks fantastic and operates so smoothly and quietly. The whole set-up is beyond my expectations in terms of finish and performance. So glad I had ShadeFX complete the installation!!

The canopy is so steady with no lateral movement and super steady in any breeze. I am certain the canopy will provide many years of quality use.

Ps: I forgot to mention the remote! I love it.”

– Ray Kearns

By upgrading their shade system, the function of the Kearns’ backyard space is now in line with their new outdoor lifestyle.

Whether upgrading an existing solution or implementing a brand new one, ShadeFX is here to help. Contact us today.