Designing a space in your backyard for games and entertainment can add a whole new level of outdoor enjoyment. After a long day, spending time outdoors in a space filled with favorite games or hobbies can be the ideal solution to de-stress, relax, and have fun. A games space can be a great way to get active while creating memorable bonds with family and friends.

Homeowners in Santa Barbara, California, created an outdoor games room in their beautifully remodeled backyard. Knowing that they would need overhead coverage, the Californians contacted ShadeFX for guidance in designing their metal pergola to fit our canopies.

A few calls and emails later, the homeowners constructed a 24’x16′ pergola with custom stabilizers. After which, ShadeFX manufactured two 16’x’12’ motorized retractable canopies in a Sunbrella Beaufort Cloud fabric.

“I am very pleased with my two canopies from ShadeFX. We had a unique custom-design pergola, 9ft tall, and 24ft x 16ft. The product specialist at ShadeFX worked closely with us during the design stage, helping us solve some challenging details, especially about how to install the track with a sleek, minimalist look to fit the overall design of the patio, and fitting in overhead heaters as well. We are very pleased with the result. Quality product, excellent technical and design support.”

– Phil Beccue, Homeowner

For rain management, the dual canopies were installed on a tilt, allowing water to shed off the opposite sides of the structure. The motorized operation ensures the retractable canopies can be controlled at the push of a button.

With a little planning, these homeowners were able to turn an unused outdoor space into a full-fledged game area that the whole family can enjoy. By adding retractable shades, lights, and heaters, the newly covered patio gives the family an opportunity to enjoy shooting the 8-ball, no matter the weather.

Whatever plans you have for your outdoor space, we can cover it. Contact us today.