Nanaimo, British Columbia is known as a ferry port city surrounded by islands with a forested mountain backdrop. This popular tourist destination plays host to the ‘Great International World Championship Bathtub Race’ and Marine Festival. The sweet, no-bake treat, Nanaimo Bar is named after the vibrant city.

Nanaimo is also fortunate enough to have one of the mildest climates in Canada. These homeowners expanded their outdoor living space to take advantage of the warmer weather. With only a small covered area over the barbecue and hot tub, they built a large pergola to protect the dining table and lounge chairs.

ShadeFX customized an 18’ x 18’ motorized retractable shade in a Sattler light grey fabric. When it came time to add the shade to the pergola, a unique design was applied to integrate the system with the structure.

The pergola is constructed with the rafters running parallel to the house. With a preference to extend the shade off the back of the home, the track is attached perpendicular to the existing pergola rafters. Two additional rafters are mounted on each side of the track. This allows the track to ‘recess’ and be hidden, creating a built-in look of the retractable shade.

Nanaimo is known for its great events and scenic views. To ShadeFX, Nanaimo will be remembered as a city with the recessed shade.

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