The Five Essential Components of an Outdoor Space

With outdoor “rooms” now as complex as interior ones, you have plenty of options when it comes to designing your ideal outdoor area. To simplify your life, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite components of an outdoor space. To get the most out of your outdoor space, consider integrating the following must-haves into your backyard or rooftop area.

1. Dining Table
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Dining al fresco is one of the great privileges you can indulge in during fine weather when you have an outdoor space. Integrating a dining table and benches or chairs into your outdoor area can make a space a true place for entertainment and hosting, making it a place to congregate, socialize with friends, or just enjoy a quality family moment at the end of the day. Look for repurposed wood tables with an eco-friendly touch to emphasize the virtues of your outdoor setting and consider incorporating a bright table runner or set of bench cushions to add some polish to the space.

2. Outdoor Fireplace
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Adding an outdoor fireplace to your outdoor space not only creates ambience, it also extends the life of your patio, veranda, or outdoor living room into a year-round place of enjoyment. An outdoor fireplace can be as refined or rustic as you like. To create some commonality in a design, you can also consider a fire pit, an installation which creates physical warmth and also gives your guests a place to circle up and chat any day of the year.

3. Unique Decorative Elements
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Decorating an outdoor area is just as essential as decorating an interior one. Remember, you’re creating a fully fleshed out extension of your home that functions just like an interior space. Given the scale of an outdoor room, take it as an opportunity to make some bold style statements with your decorative additions. Anything from a large-scale planter to a piece of found art can give your outdoor space a distinct look and feel.

4. Covered Space

Whether you live in a sunny environment or a rainy one, the elements can sometimes seem set against you enjoying your outdoor space. The sun can beat down and drive you inside or rain can force you to cancel an outdoor dinner party. For these reasons, creating a covered space is essential to really enjoying your outdoor area. A retractable awning or canopy can instantly create a safe, cool, dry, and comfortable space to relax in. Today’s retractable awnings far outpace the creaky designs you remember from childhood and leverage a range of stylish, weatherproof fabrics that add beauty and ambiance to your outdoor area. Plus, you can match a retractable canopy with a high-quality pergola, too, to give your outdoor space structure and create a true “room” feel.

5. Outdoor Living Room Furniture
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An outdoor space is no longer about plastic and aluminum chairs that cut into your legs after more than 10 minutes of “relaxing.” Today’s outdoor rooms can have all the comforts and amenities of your interior living room. The materials used to create outdoor furniture have evolved dramatically in the last several years, allowing you to get relaxing options that can still stand up to the elements. A fully-cushioned couch, for example, made with weather-proof fabric is a great choice. Pair it with an outdoor-themed coffee table sculpted from salvaged wood to create a living room space that is as relaxing as an interior but still appropriate for an outdoor setting.

Do you have your own favorites when it comes to outdoor spaces? Chime in with your own helpful suggestions below.

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